Grow 20 Square Feet of Vegetables in 4 Sq Ft of Space with the Phytopod Container Garden

John from takes a field trip to the San Francisco Green Festival to scope out the latest in green products. He finds and shares with you the Phytopod which lets you have a instant garden built for production in just 4 square feet of space.
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25 Responses to “Grow 20 Square Feet of Vegetables in 4 Sq Ft of Space with the Phytopod Container Garden”

  1. Very nice…well done!!!

  2. whhhhhhhhhhat?!?! i didnt know that

  3. Hey, that’s what i was thinking! It looks easy to make.

  4. It seems to me that mirrors or panels of reflective silver paper might help this form of garedening by increasing the light at the back of the phytopod container gardener. rose macaskie madrid

  5. You can use 5-gallon or 4-gallon food grade buckets(check craiglist) from bakery shop to grow.

  6. Same great idea that I am planning to do using 5-gallon bucket with drill holes maybe 2″ in diameter; therefore, using vertical spaces available. And I will be finishing my rain gutter self watering to put these buckets and totes on.

  7. don’t waste your money, buy a burlap bag for $2 and some metal fencing for $10 and make your own.

  8. I live in Oakland

  9. Hey, could be.. where are you?

  10. ikr? Take a cage, make a circle. Insert the sack and ta da! You have the same thing and much cheaper too im betting

  11. How unbelievably cool!!!! There are many ways to hack this but its the same for anything really. As long as you have a good knowledge of companion planting you could do a lot with just a few of these

  12. lol its a sack with holes..

  13. thats genius, or 5 gallon buckets with holes drilled on the side…i’m gonna do that right now~!

  14. You can still grow a lot in that small space. The key is going to be the types of plants you grow. anything that vines and can be trained to a trellis. Also layering small “stack-able” planters will let you grow more bushy plants. Just plan out your space and good luck. :-)

  15. unfortunately, my growing area is not that large – a small patio balcony facing southwest

  16. Set a white board behind the darker side and you reflect the light onto those plants. Simple fix IF that is a problem. I have used multi-layered planters before and set them on the south side of the house. As a result the one side gets more sun in the morning and the other side get it in the afternoon with both side getting light at late morning to mid afternoon. No side is ever in the dark as long as the sun is out past early morning.

  17. i was going to build some raised beds, but now, i think i will just get a couple of these bad boys… nice find! much gratitude

  18. The basketball field? What kind of black person are you try pull on us.

  19. cool

  20. Is Phytopod hiring?

  21. Damn big bug.

  22. wouldn’t one side get no sun and other side get more sun but then if you turn it around, sun exposure would be all different? I am wondering if really all sides are fully functional?

  23. got to say I like this one the most so far dude two green thumbs up!!!! :)

  24. can i buy some box

  25. We need this as a practical at college – I can’t believe this guy is actually selling these!!