Grow a Vegetable Garden for 20 Cents or Grow an Organic Garden for $1.50

John from takes you on another field trip to share with you his secret resource for purchasing seeds for only 20 cents, so that you can grow more food at home! He also shares with you how you can purchase many varieties of organic seeds for only .50. Watch this video to learn more about John’s secret seed stash!

25 Responses to “Grow a Vegetable Garden for 20 Cents or Grow an Organic Garden for $1.50”

  1. As of this year Walmart does not have seeds in cali

  2. Great video!

    11:40 Exactly when you promote Walmart you got kicked out! Hilarious!!!
    Best scene ever!

  3. I grew Burpee Cucumbers this year, turned out tasty! Saving seeds for next year.

  4. And you would trust monsanto to not secretly sneak in treated seeds. With all they have done in the past? lol

  5. Lol…hes gets kicked out but hes still smiling about it. Thats the kind of personality I need.

  6. wal-mart sells monsant seeds


  8. Walmart is the spawn of the devil! Lol

  9. got some lettuce seeds, also some pumpkin too, barley anything left.

  10. Wal-Mart stocks GMO seeds. Only heirloom seeds from a reputable dealer are truly safe to eat. Either spend the extra money or be poisoned.

  11. I appreciate that you give alternatives for people or even kids who can’t afford the expensive mail order seeds. Alternatives give choices, and choices give better chances that more of your viewers will actually follow in your footsteps. Congrats!…And Shame on Walmart. The next time a shoplifter steals in front of me, I’ll record it, but refuse to share since “No videoing is allowed in the store”. Seriously, how can they stop you from recording in a public welcomed arena? Shame! Shame!

  12. I find fresh seeds germinate at 95%, declining to 25-70% for 2 year old seeds. For expensive seeds, I seed at 1 per cell regardless of age. For others, I will seed 1 or 2 new seeds per cell , 2 or 3 for 1 year old seeds, and 2 to 4 for 2 year old seeds, depending on how certain I want to be that each cell will have a germinated seed. So, end of year seeds at 80-90% discount are a VERY good deal, while buying seeds that you are not going to plant this year are expensive.

  13. thumbs up for getting kicked out of walmart.

  14. Do you have to buy NEW seeds every year?

  15. HAHHAHAHA!!! That was hilarious!

  16. why in a dark place?

  17. How can a seed be non-organic if it hasn’t been treated?

  18. Very Nice Job! Not many years ago those seeds were a dime and we always had good results. God Bless you for your helping others to grow food. Zappo888

  19. wonderful. this is a really helpful video.

  20. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but the best part was you getting kicked out of Wal-Mart. They should be thanking you for the free advertisement. My philosophy towards those big box stores is, “get the plants early, before the employees kill the plants.” Keep on growin’ John!

  21. Wal Mart should have paid you for marketing, instead of kicking you out.

  22. I prefer to patronize the smaller seed companies that signes the Safe Seed Pledge. Even though ithe seeds are more expensive, plus you have to pay for shipping, but the smaller companies have better ethics than Wal-mart. Also, large corporations are muscling in on the organic market, with the goal of lobbying Congress & Senate to dilute the organic standards- to include GMO’s! They (Smuckers, Dean Foods, Colgate,etc.) are also taking over the board at the Organic Trade Association. Just corrupt.

  23. So I just want to know,did you try to grow the .20 seeds and did any of them come up?

  24. Thanks for the info I just got a bunch of the 20 cent seeds thought my wife may send me to rehab for gardening