Grow Food in a McDonald’s Salad Container – DIY Sprouts, Indoor Gardening!!

Here is an easy way to eat fresh food even in the dead of winter. Sprouts!! Also an easy way to start germinating seeds to plant as well. Vegetable sprouts t…
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  1. This would be great to add into smoothies.

  2. What about using glass containers vs plastic, will it still work the same?

  3. Back when i was in 3rd grade we use to do this all the time but we never
    used dirt. We would lay a moist paper towel down first, then the seeds, and
    then lay another moist paper towel on top.

  4. EXCELLENT! I’m gonna start some tomorrow. My wife and I both enjoy

  5. Really smart & cool idea that I will definitely try. I was thinking about
    getting a small window shelf with 4 layers/4 shelves & then getting 5 of
    those black garden trays hopefully with clear tops & growing 4 trays of
    sprouts in those inside of the whole entire window & then you could grow
    way more to have on your salads & to juice or put in smoothies. You could
    probably grow other thing also using that same method in every windows in
    your home/house or apartment & in a patio door you could probably have a
    whole entire garden of food. I love this idea & growing it in the
    McDonald’s container is very funny & eye opening at the same time. Real
    food in a McDonald’s container, I love it. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Such a good idea! Better than buying sprouts all the time if you like them!

  7. *Avoid plastic even if it’s food grade or BPA free, all plastics are toxic
    regardless food grade or not, and don’t use paper that contains industrial
    toxic chemical. Toilet paper, paper tissue and paper towel contain TOXIC
    chemicals, so don’t use them this way. Even organic virgin pulp paper towel
    that you can get at local supermarket or health food store is not suitable
    for this purpose because of the unknown natural substances in the wood pulp
    maybe harmful to health.*

    *Best material is pure high quality glass. Use glass container, bowl or
    dish with glass cover. Use organic not-bleached, not-printed and
    not-colored cotton towel or cloth.*

  8. This is so ironic :) Thank you for sharing!!

  9. Kudos on reusing a fast food plastic container to grow real food! Love it! :-) 

  10. Hi. We really like your idea on growing broccoli in a Mac plastic
    container. We tried it but are get whitish grayish mold… Yikes! What
    do we do about that?

  11. Passafire is awesome! 

  12. I don’t have vids right now. But I took the little cups from my dads coffee
    maker to use as mini cups to grow food. best part is the cup already has a
    drain hole … love the video

  13. Awsome idea man, I had never thought of that before. am giving it a go now
    thank you very much

  14. This is so super awesome !

  15. thanks bro! it really worked better than i thought. take care and have a
    good new year!

  16. thats awesome, glad i could help. it really worked better than i thought it
    would. let me know how it works for you. take care!

  17. iv seen a few people on youtube sprouting like that too. i think there is
    even a special cup to that does that. never tried it though. i will have to
    give it a try pretty soon. thanks for the tip and your comment! take care!

  18. I rewatched this video. I’m planning on doing this tomorrow. The fresh
    greens are making me hungry.

  19. I’m also using the old plastic cups as pots for my seedlings that i started

  20. im starting to find that out. i made a green smoothy today and it was good
    but the radish was a little spicy. thanks bro!

  21. glad i could help frank!! it was alot of fun and it really worked better
    than i thought it would. take care!

  22. nice! sprouts are a great way to have fresh greens during the winter!

  23. thanks bro! have a good new year!

  24. Jesus The Magical Fetus Reply August 11, 2014 at 4:58 am

    I would never eat a McDonalds salad, they’re terrible for you. I would
    never use McDonalds plastic to grow my food, they’re terrible for you. The

  25. The lights I’m using for the time being are T8′s I’ll try to improve it all
    as time goes on. Enjoy your day bro!