Grow Food Vertically in Windows and Walls of your Home with Hydroponic Gardening

John from visits the maker faire to learn about how to grow food in your windows and on your walls. Plants on walls a new sy…

25 Responses to “Grow Food Vertically in Windows and Walls of your Home with Hydroponic Gardening”

  1. RichardTheThirdOne Reply July 14, 2014 at 2:57 am

    4:00 at night and i was going thru your videos…. it pops up and when i
    saw you i burst laughing :D :D :D :D
    you are just awesome John ! ! ! !
    I love you :) keep up the good work, and please keep on growing ;) 

  2. grow food inside on window sill or walls

  3. *For the gardenless…*

  4. Garden Sheds Kent Reply July 14, 2014 at 3:42 am

    This video pertains effective solutions to grow your all time favorite
    plants in vertical gardening. Furthermore, in this kind of growing system
    no matter how small is your area, you can customize the particular given
    space in your home. 

  5. good point..

  6. Crystal Tweeboom Reply July 14, 2014 at 5:19 am

    John, you look good with blue fur =:3

  7. They should use 2 liter bottles….or maybe 3 liter…more soil, larger
    plants. That’s the only problem with the window farm…the pots are too

  8. Sweet! Another pinball lover. We are a rare breed. Window farming… not
    much room for growth it looks unless it is still to be put out side

  9. it’s deceiving that the grow wall is taking fully grown plants from potting
    soil & plopping them into the wall when in reality we have no clue how
    those plant would look like that growing in the provided media.

  10. Hi John….I enjoy your vids so very much, wished I could tag along to help
    you do the fun things you do with gardening finds and juicing methods /
    demonstrations. Again I live in ground floor 2 bdrm aprt, w/dble window in
    lvg rm and single window ea bed’rm. All of which face east morn sun, No
    patio or porch (darn it). Want to do hypdrop’s gardn upward. No stranger to
    gard’g…high sucess rate for grow’g exper’c. Look’g for best system to
    build, like bot’l systm. Up for suggestions/ideas-Ken

  11. Im not sure i like the idea of eating from reused tires and plastics ,
    might be dodgy.

  12. Please…. oh, please, tell me you’re going to hook chicco up with one of
    those flower dog houses.

  13. thx for the vid

  14. @1111atreides I have grown cantaloupe, tomatoes,peppers and a few other
    things in flower pots. Salad fixins can be grown in a 8″pot or other
    container all year long. the cantaloupe is small but tastes good. but you
    may be able to grow larger ones. some people just buy a big bag of dirt and
    cut the bag in the middle and grow vegetables.

  15. Technically, the gas would’ve been eliminated from the tires through
    excessive cleaning before they melt it down into a tube. Because, really,
    would you start burning something that is covered in gas? :P

  16. Really neat, a bit restricted sure but wouldn’t the plants get overwatered?

  17. I’m not sold on these for large vegetables like tomatoes. Sure, you could
    place it there and it looks really cool at the festival. BUT…will it
    thrive? At best: salad farming. Which is still cool looking.

  18. too bad we dont have a fair like that in windsor!

  19. Plantsonwalls [dot] com start at $33 for a mini-panel Their website has
    lots of info but strangely not the right info.

  20. enticed2zeitgeist Reply July 14, 2014 at 12:06 pm

    The small bottle units and the wall farming is a neat idea. Like everyone
    else who has commented, I can’t see us growing squash and other big veggies
    in this small of a system. But in a world with depleting top soil, rising
    populations and ever growing climate concerns you can’t deny we need all
    the solutions we can get. Big and small.

  21. Mary J. Caballero Reply July 14, 2014 at 12:36 pm

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    instructions on how to grow your own selfmade Aquaponic system. Its so easy
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  22. just use string and a little net to support the squash or other fruit so it
    can grow and not rip itself of the plant.

  23. john!!!! once again you are sooo awsome my gf is gonna love her new
    foxymonster hat

  24. Christy Hutcherson Reply July 14, 2014 at 2:08 pm

    @hablerz you’ve probably eaten from worse but didn’t know it.

  25. don’t you get it, what they’re trying to show is that if you can do that
    with a plastic bottle, you can do that with a bigger box as well. it’ll be
    the same system, but the bottles will be replaced with something lot
    bigger. it’s totally scalable, that’s what so awesome about this stuff.
    especially considering water is so valuable. a lot of it is being reused.