Growing a Moss Garden

I don’t know about you, but one of the most intriguing things about this time of year is the color green. Everywhere you turn there are all these different s…

10 Responses to “Growing a Moss Garden”

  1. This is THE BEST moss starting video I have found…. thank you so much for
    producing this… exactly what I was looking for! Does this process work as
    well for all moss species? An instant favorite!

  2. 0:54 r those Kalanchoes?

  3. The real question here is does moss grow better with Guiness, Miller, Bud,
    or Corona? and would a Shot of Jack in the smoothie help it grow a quicker?
    lol On a more serious note, great video, gonna try this tomorrow after
    work! (with Corona if you were wondering) ;)

  4. Great advice Allen. I have a shade garden with hosta, snow-on-the-mountain,
    periwinkle and even some giant dandelions on the north side of the house. I
    got the idea of spreading some pine straw on the ground in it in hopes of
    discouraging grasses from growing there. Will this also encourage moss? I
    found some old boards covered with moss and chucked them in there to help
    inoculate the ground. It is working I think. Thanks

  5. Thanx for the video, Very informative! I’ve just tried it and we’ll see how
    it turns out. One thing you neglected to mention was, You gotta drink the
    rest of the beers! Thanx once again for a great video!

  6. I love moss and have large areas in my lawn which have turned to moss, I
    hope it spreads and takes over the rest then I can get rid of the mower.

  7. P Allen Smith is the most pimp

  8. my back garden lawn is mostly moss this time of year there is next to no
    grass just moss…..deep lovely spongy moss..its doesnt look so clever in
    the summer though

  9. just great

  10. PAllen Smith is awesome to watch. Very smart guy.