Growing BIG Vegetables using Compost Tea

When you maximize the soil potential, you maximize the plant potential. – 46 lb celery – 18 lb carrots – 35 lb cabbage – 60 lb swiss chard – 35 lb zucchini -…
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  1. consider the source: mr taco monkey…

  2. What the brand of compost tea that you used?

  3. Amen brother, put your money where your mouth is people. If certain persons actually watched and comprehended the vid, they would note that he said he was growing the vegetables for yield not size. Follow his methods and pick them when they are the size you like… *sigh* Hes imparting wisdom folks, dont get caught up in the small details. Common sense answers them.

  4. What is the point of growing huge vegetables. I want them normal size, just great tasting and highly nutritious not ridiculously humungous

  5. Food, money, however, you just shared knowledge, too! What many people, with few resources don’t have. They need to know.

  6. Actually you do not not need either food or money to make compost. If you really wanted to you can go to a landfill or any dumpster to pull out rotten or tossed out food (FREE) which are the ‘greens’ for the compost. Next you toss in a bit of dirt and browns like grass clippings, leaves, wood or even sawdust. Keep turning for a few weeks and you’ve got compost. Want the first step to a tea? Add water regularly without over saturating it and squeeze the water out after a week or two, done!

  7. He’s giving it to everyone for free by putting it online. Why don’t YOU go make some and YOU ship it out to poor people instead of complaining. on the internet.

  8. That’s awesome!

  9. that guy should grow pot.

  10. See my recipe for compost tea at thegardendude channel on YouTube

  11. Jesse, EXACTLY! God I’m so happy I just found this video. I want to get into aquaponics in the next few months in my next apartment… and compost tea works well as a supplement to add to the aquaponics systems, too, from everything I’ve heard. Now I know to spray the leaves for that biofilm wax protection! Sounds kinda like nature’s antibiotics for plants. I’m impressed.

  12. You have to have FOOD and MONEY to make compost. You have to be able to buy the food, to make your own compost or to buy your own compost. It would be a great gift to make and give it to those that cannot make it. Africa is not the only place that has starving people.

  13. lol

  14. And those were not trees in the background. It was asparagus!

  15. With all his awards he must know what he’ s talking about.

  16. J Fernando Ferreira Reply August 11, 2013 at 9:05 pm

    Agree…in today’s economy is called minimum wage.

  17. The Romans didn’t build aqua ducts, the Roman’s slaves did.

  18. There is more sun!

    Of course soil comes into play, but if you do the same thing where there is less sun the plants won’t grow nearly as big.

    Saying it’s not the sun is silly, and wrong.

  19. let the poor alone, they just ask for more TV n junk food

  20. hyvät ihmiset miten sen tee tehdä?mikä ainet ja miten?
    kiitos ystävät

  21. I’ve seen my neighbour do this and his plants are incredibly large and healthy. Gotta give this a try.

  22. This isn’t just compost and tea it’s also good genetics.

  23. I prefer my vegetables and fruits “normal size”, THANK YOU!!.

  24. Yeah those 20 awards for the largest crops in the world are lies to…

  25. That’s the mentality of your average communist & socialist. They’re the same folks who want a laptop for every kids in Africa.

    These Africans are defecating & dumping trash near the very same muddy pond they drink from.

    2500 yrs ago the Romans were building aqueducts, bringing water from afar to local fountains, public baths & private houses. They had a very sophisticated waste management & sewage system.

    Some are still in working state, they’re found in the Mid East, Europe & North Africa.