Growing Broccoli – Transplanting into six packs

Transplanted 3 varieties of Broccoli. Varieties are DeCicco, Premium Crop, and Summer Purple. Seed was planted 1/11/12
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  1. Thank you for the kind comments,  bev

  2. Hi, This is a wonderful, informative video. I really appreciate how you explain things as you do them. Where do you get the liquid seaweed? Never heard of it. Thanks

  3. Very helpful and informative!! I will try this in the future!

  4. Thanks Steve

  5. lol, i could not agree with you more, for being such an expensive camera, (i have a cannon too) they have one of the cheapest lousiest editing softwares available… i was so dissapointed that i actally contacted cannon and told them that I would never be doing business with them again if that is what they call an editing software… did you know that you payed an extra 40 bucks to have that bundled as a package?!? well i did at least… thats dissapointing….

  6. Thanks fro your kind comments. That is what so cool about You Tube. Watching other people gardening and learning different way of doing things. I enjoy watching the videos. I got an idea for another guy’s video and I will be doing some of my gardening the way he was doing it. That will be a later video. I went heavy on the seeds because the first planting failed. I didn’t expect all them germinating lol

  7. I seeded the pots heavy, because of the first batch not coming up at all. I was a little concerned I wouldn’t have enough, germinating . When I make up the 6 packs, I do have some back ups built in. I need 14 out the 18, I transplanted. If they all grow, they will not go to waste. I’ll plant them somewhere else or give them away. My camcorder is a Cannon Vixia HG20. I really like the camcorder, but the editing software that came with it sucks. I don’t use it.

  8. I was one of the seed-per-cell guys so this year I’m going to sow seeds in pots and select the best. A quick calculation indicates I will probably use 1/3 – 1/4 of the compost I normally need.

  9. great video

  10. i likw your method although, i am a fond believer in back ups, and also, planting fewers, and still weeding out the stronger ones, maybe only plant like 14 seeds since your only choosing 6, just a thought! great video, and are you using the cannon fs100? i noticed that remote! its the same one i have! lol…..

  11. Thanks for showing another way of doing things. I especially like that you tell us why. Looks like a good way to approach starting your garden from seed if you have limited space too. I was surprised by the number of seeds planted vs. how many plants you kept. I’d think if they weren’t so crowded to start, more would have had better growth.