Growing Cabbages/Broccoli: Caterpillar Control: Vegetable Gardening Garden Guru Phil Dudman – how to control caterpillars growing cabbages Cauliflower Broccoli
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  1. thank for the info this is my first garden and last night i found some of the little buggers i did a video 2 days ago but i dident have them if i do one about the worms can i put a link to this vid so other people can lean this as well great channel i subed

  2. Does the spray work on any other kind of vegetables? How about grape leaves, I get 10′s of thousands of black and yellow worms on the leaves.

  3. - Thanks..

  4. They can’t stand the taste… and what they do consume dehydrates them

  5. How does the molassas keep the caterpillars away?

  6. Just planted Cabbage today. I am going to try the molassas trick! Thank you. I did a quick video of my gardens in Florida if you get a moment check it out. I will do another one soon with our season kicking in now!