Growing Carrots in Containers

Growing Carrots in Containers – I plan to grow lots of things this year, and hope that you will follow me in my journey, wish me luck and please subscribe! T…

11 Responses to “Growing Carrots in Containers”

  1. Love this tutorial. What a great idea to put carrots in containers. What is the best time of the year to do this?

  2. Thank you ,u gave me a great idea I have limmited space

  3. 24 seconds and this woman cracks me up XD

  4. Cool, I subscribed! I think you make such nice videos, just fun to watch…

  5. lol…. I put too many in each pot and had to move them to the yard!! Will post a video soon. Thanks for asking!

  6. How was the result? Btw, love watching your videos!

  7. Fun way to grow carrots and raishes is in a clear container. You can see them grow, fun for kids.

  8. That is a great thought! Thanks I will work on that!

  9. Luck with the carrots but I think they will be just fine without the luck. The packet looked like a hardy type. I love seeing Elmo when he gets in the video, you might think of making more with him in them because people will watch them more. You can make a series called Elmo and Me or My little Elmo, just a thought. Thumbs up for Elmo and the carrots. Ann

  10. Goodluck on the project!

  11. Thanks for sticking with me! I got so excited about starting my carrots early that I really wanted to share the process with you! Thanks for watching!