Growing Citrus Trees in containers update 2013

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  1. What soil mix do you use.

  2. How is your lemon tree doing now any pictures?

  3. NewEnglandgardening Reply August 27, 2014 at 7:17 pm

    I hope its not to hot to be messing with the root ball but I did not
    disturb it too much. I think the new pot will also keep it cooler. I wonder
    what major airport that might be :)

  4. They think you moved to Florida. I think marmalade is made from the bitter

  5. Gosh….that seems like a very dry mix. The rootball of the tree you
    repotted seemed very dry also. I use Fafard 4P and my trees are thriving
    and producing very well. I have come to the conclusion that a dry mix is
    not the right thing for citrus. While citrus does not like wet feet, and
    can tolerate a drier soil, they need something a little more substantial to
    put their roots down in. The leaves on my trees are very thick, dark green
    and very vigorous growth in a very short time. next post

  6. Great video! The plants are really coming along nicely! Fertilize those
    trees weekly :-)

  7. Do you ever shop at Bemis Farms Nursery? You sound a lot like one of my

  8. I just purchased two citrus from Park Seed Company, and they had potted
    their trees up in a sand mixture. The trees look very healthy and are
    blooming. (when I purchased them last week) I believe the secret is to use
    a heavier soil, just refrain from being heavy handed on the watering. I
    will try to post a video soon of my collection to let you see them.

  9. Porous, free-draining mixes are precisely what a Citrus prefers. Citrus do
    much better in a dry mix watered often than a heavy mix watered
    infrequently. In addition, a loose mix makes for a much less traumatic
    re-potting when the time comes to up-pot or bare-root for maintenance.

  10. I hope your lemon tree makes a full recovery! I love seeing the root mass
    when you re-pot your plants and what the texture of the soil is before you
    water it. It also seems like you are near a major airport in MA!

  11. NewEnglandgardening Reply August 28, 2014 at 12:45 am