Growing Food in the Desert – Winter Vegetable Garden in Las Vegas

John of visits Leslie Doyle, a Desert Vegetable Gardening Expert in Las Vegas, Nevada. Learn some tips of growing in the Des…

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  1. I can imagine how edible plants can grow bountifully in the dessert. For I
    have known, dessert is dry land and only limited plants can live in it.
    You’ve really proven ourselves wrong. Hence, vegetable garden is not just
    for good lands and accurate for gardening but it is also applicable in
    dessert. This is very amazing! Keep it up!

  2. Cool. We will have fun! Minh will make you some great food.

  3. @phantomcreamer Do you live in a desert environment? The ground is too
    hard, filled with caliche.

  4. “Tomato Lady” Leslie Doyle’s special “ORGANIC” soil mix contains SEWAGE

  5. wow! thats helpful since I’m living were it is pretty desert like o_o

  6. It is easier to block some of the desert weeds from entering a raised bed
    even here in the desert. Lowing the beds might help with some water
    harvesting, but with only 7 inches of rain a year the opportunities are few
    and far between. Also, the weeds tend to put their roots deep and will take
    the opportunity to sprout if the roots find free air and sunlight. Do your
    water harvesting off your roof and raise your beds…0

  7. I don’t think raised beds should be used in the desert environment. Instead
    I think people should dig into the ground and have raised pathways in order
    to maximize water harvesting.

  8. Thank you John. I’ve emailed Dorothy and asked to be put on her mailing
    list. We live in the desert of SE Washington, so this wil be great. You’re
    a busy guy aren’t you! Debbie *Ü*

  9. we are getting ready to wipe up our front yard and put in an herb garden,
    cool video

  10. Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens Reply February 1, 2015 at 4:11 am

    Hi Ronnie, I didn’t forget about you.. Im planning on contacting you and
    visiting when Im out in Las Vegas for more than a few days when I can come
    out and visit. :)

  11. digging into solid rock can be rather difficult!

  12. Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens Reply February 1, 2015 at 5:17 am

    This can be a contriversal subject. I do believe with using human waste
    (sewage) as a fertilizer source. People use cow shit all the time to
    fertilize their garden. The problem I have with composted human waste is
    the chemicals that may be contained in there due to prescription drugs,
    etc. Overall, I encourage people to grow in the best soil they can afford.
    I would agree, that its better to grow your own food with Leslies organic
    mix than to purchase organic or even convetional produce.

  13. hahaha! Leslie’s zipper was down!! lol =D