Growing Heirloom Seeds & Seed Saving : Seed Viability & Germination Testing

Try placing saved heirloom seeds in a damp napkin in a bag to check for viability. Learn about growing greens from old heirloom seeds from an organic farmer in this free gardening video. Expert: Daniel Botkin Bio: Daniel Botkin is an avid organic gardener, micro-farmer and permaculture advocate who recognizes the timeliness of backyard agriculture and permaculture-style food gardens. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

4 Responses to “Growing Heirloom Seeds & Seed Saving : Seed Viability & Germination Testing”

  1. subscribed :) thank you for sharing

  2. GREAT video. Thanks for teaching me how to check for germination of existing seeds. I appreciate your expertise.

  3. It enough to store your seeds in a cold and damp free space (like, put them in a paper bag and then into a jar), you don’t have to freeze them.

  4. How do I store my heirloom seeds the best way, freeze them keep them in a cool basement.. I don’t want to mess this up. Thank You