Growing Hydroponic Lettuce Outside with No Electricity

I wanted to see what would happen if I moved a couple of hydroponic boxes outside. These are the ones that I built for doing the Kratky method of no aeration…

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  1. Paul I suggest you check out mphgardner channel.

  2. What method do you use to sow your seeds? I’m having my first go at
    hydroponics and can’t decide if going cuttings propagation or sowing in
    soil and then transplanting to hydroton media in net pots. I have ten sites
    to fill and haven’t decided what to grow, most likely peppers.

  3. What about an overflow to keep the water at the right level?
    Thanx for teaching me about it all :) 

  4. thank you LORD for send you over to help me solve the problem that I am
    having with snails. it ate uo all of my lettuce roots and nothing that i
    could to it. cant use any chemical it might kill all of my fishes. please
    help. thx dino

  5. Living the Spu Life Reply July 13, 2014 at 1:19 pm

    Hey mhp!!

    Question about lettuce grown hydroponically,
    My current crop indoors has been showing effects of leaf tip burn, have you
    encountered it before?
    I’m using GH maxigrow- 6.0_ph500 ppm in dwc.


  6. how are the roots getting oxygen?

  7. If you harvest the lettuce will it regrow or do you have to plant again?

  8. Blackrows Consuelo Reply July 13, 2014 at 3:20 pm

    do you use fertilizer? or some additives to the water? thanks this will be
    my next project>>>

  9. No soil,just water?

  10. could this work in florida with the heat ? 

  11. For the potential farmers out there. 

  12. Karrie Jablonowski Reply July 13, 2014 at 5:39 pm

    I have a couple of questions. First Does the water get stagnant and smell?
    Second, does it attract more flies to the area? Thanks

  13. Hi Bobby,

    I will be using Botanicare Pure Blend Pro-Grow 3-2-4 fertilizer to grow Oak
    leaf and Bibb lettuce for the first time. Is this fertilizer a good choice
    or would you recommend something else?


  14. Thank you for your videos. It was very educative. Do you think it is
    possible to grow them in a cold environment?

  15. Bobby and Susan–I thoroughly enjoy your informative and instructional
    videos–am presently gathering materials and products to use next growing
    season. I would like to know if you have tried to grow mustard greens
    hydroponically and do you think the fertilizer blend for lettuce would be
    adequate–thanks and GOD Bless !

  16. So no pumps or air stones? just sitting in nutrient water? 

  17. why not build in an overflow? like a bathroom sink? So when the water level
    gets to high, it just drips out the excess water?

  18. This is the person that I have found to the most helpful for information on
    Hydroponics. He is an awesome resource and an excellent researcher along
    with being an inspirational leader. 

  19. SUBSCRIBED!! I’ve seen 10-12 of your vids and I swear I get more out of
    them than the others just because you speak like your talking to a friend.
    Thanks for the info from a not even brand new hydro gardener.

  20. Nice idea , Lettuce looking good

  21. If you make a level indicator tube on the boxes and mark where your ideal
    water level is, drill a hole out in your level tube just above your highest
    desired level, this will automatically drain excess water. What was the
    weather like when you did this? What temperatures were you seeing? I’m
    interested in trying hydroponics again but I may have to do it outdoors.
    Any advice for people without a green house and I live in the hot & humid
    south. Thanks!

  22. This is very usefuI and a lot of savings for my hydroponic project. I love
    this method. Thank you.

  23. You could also use a low tunnel. Just a few hoops of PVC partially covered
    with plastic would shed the rain but let sun go through. Wouldn’t hold up
    to any heavy wind, though.

  24. wow …i like your videos Thank you !! 

  25. Why do the roots interconnect in the trays? Are communicating? Or just