Growing Mint in Containers

Growing Mint in Containers Marty Ware from the Potted Vegetable Garden provides an educational detailed outline about growing the herb Mint in pots. Please subscribe to Marty’s Youtube channel for more great gardening videos at

8 Responses to “Growing Mint in Containers”

  1. Yes, most Mints will grow well in well sunlit window,,avoid extreme heat

  2. can mint be grown indoors

  3. Florida can be extremely hot, am i right? I would recommend that you maybe grow it underneath another tree that will provide it shade, or yes bring it inside and place near the window. Trial and error will help, put some in containers and try a few different positions.

  4. Morning sun is best for this plant. It also loves lots of water. It will survive with filtered light. If it’s growing long and lanky give it more sun.

  5. GRobertbenson i am haveing the same problem it looks like it is dieing but i have it indoor in the window so mine does not get much sunlight so dont know what to do because you say it mybe dieing from sun and i have indoors and it die aswell

  6. I’m growing some sweet mint in a pot and had a question. It seems to be dying more and more each day despite how damp I keep its soil. It gets about 4 hours of sunlight each day (I live in Florida) and I figured maybe the sun was the problem. Do you think it is okay if I move it indoors? Do you suggest anything else?

  7. Good but audio needs to be enhanced

  8. awesome info …