Growing peas in the Veg Garden

Sarah discusses which type of peas she grows in the vegetable garden at Perch Hill and why they are her favourites. For more information and to purchase pea …
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  2. Great tip about strong supports for tall peas. We’re growing them for the first time this year, along with Shiraz and Asparagus Peas, so I’ll be revising what we have for them to grow up. With strong winds on our exposed plot the canes will not be enough!

  3. thank you for sharing your peas look amazing and it has inspired me to try some alderman peas i pickrd up some seed yesterday,, in the past i have grown little marvek but they lacked some flavor…this year i am also trying to grow some black garbanzo beans and fava beans to make some great felassels and my specialty homemade hummus

  4. Great Video. I Sub’d! I have a gardening channel you might be interested in. Check out my son’s channel too! He has been gardening with me on my channel for years but now has his own garden and channel. Dpfenster09. He is only15 but well beyond that in gardening years! Subscribe, comment and rate if you like.

  5. Sorry Sarah just had a look at the web site and it looks gorgeous, I have just started out this year on my new allotment (check out my channel) all tips and advise welcomed ??

  6. It’s our garden where I live and also where we hold our courses and open days – more info on our Website under ‘Visit Perch Hill’…

  7. Do you have a garden or allotment were you grow your own veggies ?

  8. Thanks Ian, this was shot in the gardens at Perch Hill last Summer!

  9. Looking amazing Sarah !! Is that your garden or an allotment ?