Growing Potatoes in Raised Beds.

Growing Potatoes in Raised Beds. Florida.

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  1. what do you do with strawberry in the summer´╗┐

  2. can you use pine straw for this?´╗┐

  3. @FrankTucAz When I lived in florida we would buy 50lb of potatoes from the
    farmers market for 11$ The harvest would come in aroud Dec from the local
    growers. We would chop them up and freeze them using a food saver. A lot of
    the potatoes from the farmers market would be spudding so we just cut off
    those spuds and used them. I put them about 10inches apart. you can make it
    any size you want. You can also use tires just keep stacking and buring the
    plant unitl it flowers.

  4. How did it work? good size potatoes?

  5. did you plant yer eyes directly in the hay or did you have to start em in

  6. thank you for the info. i’ve been checking with tractor supply but they
    havn’t received any yet. i see the refrig with a big bag of what looks like
    potatoes, i asked my wife to look for some florida potatoes at the market
    and she must have found some. but she shouldn’t have cut them up. i’ll have
    to check it out in the morning, just got home from work 1 am. thanks again
    and i have been watching your videos. frank/ pt charlotte

  7. thanks for sharing nice technique gentlemen.

  8. yes leaves will work.

  9. LOL my Daddy always did say “duct tape is good for anything”‘ I think I’ll
    grow my spuds like that. Thx for the heads up. Will leaves work instead of
    hay? God Bless :o ) SidewinderFF

  10. I live in pt charlotte, fl and i was wondering how big your raised bed is,
    it looks like 2 ft by 2 ft something like that. and how much spacing are
    you doing between plants. i have not begun anything yet but would like to
    get beds going. Its 16 january now so i think i have time because you said
    it was middle of february in your vidieo. Do you use seed potatoes,
    purchased? or do you buy florida grown and let them sprout? thank you,
    frank in pt charlotte

  11. I really like this video. Simple and effective. Thanks

  12. Excellent…Brand new to winter gardening..How and when do you harvest the
    potatoes? Thanks…

  13. Stephanie Campbell Reply March 8, 2014 at 2:38 am

    Thanks a ton for this video! We are in NW FL and somehow I knew that
    potatoes would not do well here in the summer, but that’s the only
    instruction I could get–that potatoes would flower at the end of the
    summer. I would also like to know if the plants produce more and more
    potatoes as you bury it, and if the base of the bed is dirt or hay. Thanks!

  14. in the dirt

  15. i have ssen information on growing potatoes in tires and i beleive you may
    have done this as well. If you have how was the harvest. I was looking at
    using three tires as a minimum. I’m just curious of how you did with this
    method of growing potatoes. Frank

  16. Looks good. But what are you going to do when there’s no tape or plastic to
    buy after a SHTF?

  17. Excellent info… I”ll start this method and see how it goes… Cheers B.

  18. I love it! brilliant idea!

  19. so whats the point to letting the plant get bigger n bigger? do the plants
    sprout more tubers when you bury them? what i mean is do you get more
    potatoes per plant this way? what would be the difference if you just left
    it at one level and harvested?

  20. @TheSunergizer used tires! just stack them.