Growing Tomatoes From Seed

Tips on growing tomatoes from seed. Germinating tomato seed is easy with a few suggestions and tips to get you started. Lots more tips about tomato growing a…
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11 Responses to “Growing Tomatoes From Seed”

  1. I have tumbler tomatoes, do I grow these the same way as in the video? and
    if so how often do I give the seeds water?

  2. @TomatoGrowing ok thanks. They are two days into the germination process
    and still damp so I’m just wondering how long I should leave it until I
    water them again. I leave them in the sunlight all day really on a window
    sill, but not directly and then at nightime I cover them with a polythene
    bag. Im thinking of watering them like every three days, are my methods

  3. i want to join but is it a problem that i live in holand??? and am ten
    years old but stil love this stuf and can talk very very good englis or
    other stuf?

  4. thank you i grew seedlings from the help of this video

  5. my seeds ceap on dying y’s that?

  6. so i looked at the site you wil share your exoirience whi oters if they
    just like these things?

  7. @GmailJMS As long as the soil is damp there is no need to water. I
    sometimes don’t water between sowing and transplanting three weeks later.
    Depends on the temperatures and how fast the soil dries-out of course.

  8. N.E.Arkansas Trash Trucks&Lottery Reply March 17, 2014 at 7:34 am

    @khalsted I would stop watering and let the top dry out slightly then only
    water lightly.Over watering causes dampening off where they get tall skinny
    and fall over trust me i have done it.Good luck with your plants.

  9. do you put them in the dark or what after you put the plastic on top of

  10. Hello, after watching this video, I’ve realized I’ve given my seedlings too
    much water, because they are really tall. What should I do at this point?
    Just quit watering them at all for a few days, or what? I’ve been using a
    dropper to put a little on each plant each night. They are only about 2
    weeks old since planting in the jiffy greenhouse planter that I bought at

  11. @GmailJMS Yes, the same way and don’t water too often – it is best to let
    the soil become almost dry before watering again, otherwise they may become