Growing Tomatoes in Greenhouses – Gardening Tips

Clive Groves demonstration of Growing tomatoes in Greenhouses using comfrey liquid manure as a tomato feed. Comfrey Manure:…
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  1. Thank you for the interesting video Mr Groves. Some great tips there.

  2. Hello, Mr. Groves,
    Congratulations, is beautiful gardening… 

  3. Sheds Direct Manchester Reply April 1, 2014 at 2:13 am

    I appreciate the effort of presenting this video. I agree that greenhouse
    has the extreme benefit of being able to shade tomatoes from direct
    sunlight and it is the best place to grow tomatoes. Furthermore, I will
    build my own greenhouse too for my edible plants.

  4. I found it interesting to find you use comphry plant juice in your
    tomatoes. We have Russian comphry plant growing all around our ditches.
    They pop up every where. They are weedy looking composting plant until they
    get very bushy with nice flowers. They they can look quite pretty. I’ll
    take some of the leaves and put it in my compost pile making the compost
    more rich. Thanks

  5. Thanks Seth!

  6. You should sell those tomato seeds by order to interested parties who
    contact you if you don’t want to have an online shop to take care of 24/7.
    I would love to get hold of some of those seeds (the last plant near video

  7. ? Don’t understand why.

  8. I live in West Dorset–UK.

  9. Nice little video, good post!

  10. Thanks londondeep10

  11. GrovesNurseriesTV Reply April 1, 2014 at 4:51 am

    Yes, they will certainly enrich your compost and help break it down. The
    flowers are also much sought after by bags. Glad you like the idea.

  12. Inspiring!

  13. Congratulations, a “kitchen” garden, is very proper. Wishes..

  14. Yep—”proper job” as we say in the West Country.

  15. Growing with Groves! :)

  16. where do you live sir?

  17. Your tomato looks like the Black Cherry variety we grow each year. They can
    be found at Baker Creek seeds

  18. That’s a little rude.

  19. Hi Clive, thanks very much for the tips, as we have found them very useful.
    Especially since we are first time tomato growers!

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