Growing tomatoes in pots: how to plant tomatoes in containers and buckets.wmv

How to plant tomatoes in containers. Grow tomatoes in pots for the patio, porch, or balcony.
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  1. cute .. like your clip .. keep it up =)

  2. Wood chip mulch is really good for drainage material at the bottom of your
    pots my plants love it you can see the roots all over it when you repot or
    transplant tomatoes

  3. Thanks for the video! Great information for a newbie!! :)

  4. Good video this season I will follow the instruction

  5. Nicely done. Thanks for the help!

  6. Thank you for the First few days tip of not putting the pots into the
    direct sun light . I am just about ready to transplant my seedlings into
    there permenent pots for the rest of the season . Wish me luck.

  7. what month is good to star growing tomato in containers?

  8. What kind of tomato is that looks like a bunch of dandelions

  9. What type of fertilizer use to produce nice big juicy tomatoes in a 5
    gallon pail? also can 2 plants be planted in the 5 gallon pail or one is
    enough? last if I drill holes in bottom and use a plastic water try will
    that work good for reserved water? I will put some stones on bottom of pail
    then miracle grow soil and a nice Big boy plant like 10 inch size into
    container and then a tall cage. First time trying growing Tomatoes plant in
    a 5 gal bucket, location NJ. any tips?Love Jersey tomatoes.

  10. @misskisskadee you start your seeds on late February – March and in the end
    of April they are ready to be transplanted into bigger pots.Generally, as
    soon as they have at least 3 true leaves

  11. Great video!

  12. @GardenCalifornia Thanks! Tomatoes in pots are fun to grow. We’ve had good
    luck so far this year. Have you ever tried them?

  13. Thanks for the video help. I now know it is better to use peat moss and
    mulch and fertilizer rather than just pofting or garden soil. Great video
    and very helpful.

  14. fun

  15. Nice one , thanks for the help

  16. Before we had a home of our own we grew a tomato container garden. It’s
    great they can do so well when given the proper care. You explained the
    process of transplanting to a container. Well worth sharing with our

  17. @TomatoDirt — Oh yeah, that’s pretty much all I grow, container pots. When
    I lived up in the mountains on 20 acres, I had a HUGE in-ground garden. But
    down here int he city, in an apartment with a small back patio, I just grow
    in pots.

  18. Wow Great Video Thanks 4 it!