Growing Tomatoes Indoors in Winter

Growing tomatoes doesnt have to stop just because leaves have fallen. Tim Bass is growing tomatoes indoors during the winter. Find out how. More…++++++++++…
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  2. This video should be about the computer running the greenhouse instead of
    the tomatoes … that would never have grown without the Computer ! 

  3. Great vid. What is the best temperature for the nutrient tank? And what
    is the optimum ph for tomatoes please?

  4. this is too expensive for the home gardener!!!

  5. they way our weather is turning out here in the NE of the US, very soon,
    every grower will start to grow indoors.And yes, you can grow beautiful
    organic tomatoes indoors. 

  6. So they are not the quality and taste as “Home Grown Tomatoes” Comercial
    tomatoes are not cool !!!

  7. StarksBrothersHomes Reply July 1, 2014 at 12:11 pm

    This is awesome. Thanks for sharing. Homeowners will be able to have
    fresh tomatoes all year long.

  8. nice mic! nice video!

  9. When the tomato vines reach the top, the string is let down the pulley.
    This causes the plant (which is being held up by the string) to sag down.
    Leaves are then removed from the bottom to keep the plant looking tidy. The
    extra space that is afforded by lowering the string allows the plant to
    send more growth upward. Basically, there are going to be a whole lot of
    bare stems at the bottom of the plants as the growing season progresses.

  10. Way to go Chef. Nicely done video. Small family operations like this grower
    are the backbone of America and should get our support. Particularly when
    they are producing a superior product.

  11. @crkathleen If you want to have a little plant with tomatoes on it, put in
    the flowerpot with a plant a three flakes of onion. Bon’appetite :)

  12. I really enjoyed this clip….I thought it was going to be about how to
    grow them in your house…but it was still great information. I’ll be more
    thoughtful now when I think of killing a bumble bee…lol. Thanks for
    Sharing :0)

  13. luck here

  14. I love videos like this!! They’re inspiring!! One day I’ll have my own
    Tomato and Avocado greenhouses! Thanks Todd!

  15. All you need is a window that gets sun exposure and some feed now and
    again. Nothing fancy, just water and watch them grow!

  16. he probably grows weed to

  17. thanks for the vid chef

  18. bkpickell, lol. I am going to keep this information. I might try this. I
    have been hitting up my local market and buying fresh tomatoes. I was never
    a tomato lover but I am now. The idea of growing them is very nice but I
    often think about the neighborhood stray cats and I don’t want them
    spraying my veggies. lol.

  19. excellent video Todd! 5 stars

  20. Why Bumble bees as opposed to Honey Bees?

  21. You forgot to mention chunking science too…

  22. And how many tomatoes do you have to sell to pay off the fancy high tech

  23. hothouse tomatoes at their finest