Growing Tomatoes on the Coast in Australia

Growing Tomatoes on the Coast in Australia In the last day of winter on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia I went to visit…

9 Responses to “Growing Tomatoes on the Coast in Australia”

  1. CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY Reply April 30, 2014 at 6:42 pm

    Those are some of the healthiest looking tomatoes I have seen! Whatever he
    is doing, he is doing it right! It’s been 100 degrees here everyday for
    going on 3 weeks now and the plants dont like it to much! Thanks for the

  2. Thai Pink, I would love to see those. If you get a chance put them on my
    new social site HappyHouseandGarden I am sure others there would like to
    see them also and get some information about that variety. Thanks for the
    comment Marty

  3. The Thai Pink, I never heard of that. I would love to see some images once
    they are completed? You could add them to my social site @
    HappyHouseandGarden Thanks for the comment Marty

  4. Natalie Aisthorpe Reply April 30, 2014 at 8:30 pm

    Terrific looking tomatoes,just pulled out the last of my winter tomatoes
    and ready to replant. I had Roma tomatoes, primarily for making sauce.
    Looking more for eating tomatoes this time. Am trying the Thai pink,
    apparently does well in the sub tropics.

  5. I love to get out and visit other peoples food gardens to see what I learn
    and share with you all. Please leave any comments or questions below. Happy
    Gardening Marty Ware

  6. can you send me seeds from this tomatoe ? i need this heritage tomatoe back
    in my country

  7. Yes, he is an Italian fellow, and they really know how to grow tomatoes. I
    plan to meet Jim in person and get some tips. Will let everyone know once I
    get the chance. Have a great day and Happy Gardening!

  8. Hi there, sorry they are not my plants, but if I get lucky I will ask Jim
    for some when I get the chance to meet him. Just stay in touch and I will
    see what i can do. The best way to keep in touch is through my
    HappyHouse&Garden social site.