Growing Tomatoes, Peppers, Green Beans and Peas in Containers \ Buckets

This is the third video that I’ve shot documenting my second year of growing vegetables in buckets. I’ve added links back to the other videos that I shot sho…
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9 Responses to “Growing Tomatoes, Peppers, Green Beans and Peas in Containers \ Buckets”

  1. How many pea plants do you thin to per bucket? I’ve got them coming up 2″
    apart in mine so there’s about 8 plants per bucket, which I know is going
    to be way too crowded. Thanks!

  2. This is so inspiring! In your buckets do you have a layer of rocks at the
    bottom with a layer of gravel in the middle than the soil or is it just
    soil all through? Thanks for making this vid hon, you may end up being my
    gardening Yoda. :D 

  3. nice veggies..I see you have a cooler as a planter..I was thinking of
    this..did you drill holes in it??

  4. What liquid Fertilizer Do you suggest I use for my 5 gal bucket tomatoe?
    plant which I will use Miracle grow vegetable soil , and rocks 2 inch high
    in bottom then above soil a water tray on the bottom of pail, which will
    have drill holes, and was thinking black plastic cover over top of pail
    around the plant with 5 inch cut out around the plant,Which when become
    available for sale in a few weeks I will buy a 10 in plant big boy or
    similar kind. blk plastic covering saw on some vids, guess water.

  5. Nice looking plants. Looking forward to spring.. Rob

  6. Yes, you need to drill holes in all of the cointainers. The little cooler
    works fine.

  7. What type of fertilizer use to produce nice big juicy tomatoes in a 5
    gallon pail? also can 2 plants be planted in the 5 gallon pail or one is
    enough? last if I drill holes in bottom and use a plastic water try will
    that work good for reserved water? I will put some stones on bottom of pail
    then miracle grow soil and a nice Big boy plant like 10 inch size into
    container and then a tall cage. First time trying growing Tomatoes plant in
    a 5 gal bucket, location NJ. any tips?Love Jersey tomatoes.

  8. You should really go with one plant per bucket and I did drill holes in the
    bottom of each. The roots will grow right out through the holes even. As
    for the soil, I have compost and I mix that in with garden soil at the
    beginning of each season. I remove about half of the existing soil and mix
    in the compost and garden soil. I haven’t used fertilizer yet. Tomatos and
    chillis seem to do really well. Green beans and sugar snap do also, but
    they seem to grow anywhere. Good luck!

  9. I know, me too!