Growing Vegetables: Garden Problem

Visit for more hobby farm activities. We have been having a problem with our cucumber plant. The plant started out kind of slow. At…

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  1. I have a squash plant doing this… !! 

  2. Remember that cucumber plant I posted pictures about? Here is a follow up
    video. I dissected the plant… guess what I found…

  3. Remember that cucumber plant I posted pictures about? Here is a follow up
    video. I dissected the plant… guess what I found…

  4. Remember that cucumber plant I posted pictures about? Here is a follow up
    video. I dissected the plant… guess what I found…

  5. BKThrewTheRabbitHole Reply September 7, 2014 at 11:26 am

    I had fungus and mold issues with some indoor and outdoor plants and pretty
    much saved my plants by making a cornmeal mixture. I have also seen people
    sprinkle cornmeal around infected garden areas.

  6. my cucs that were in pots were transplanted to the tee-pee trelis out front
    and had looked this way prior to but once they got over the transplant
    shock and watered a few times w/ compost tea as well as i planted them in
    compost they came out of it and are beautiful now. maybe it is some kind of
    nutrient defiency. just an observation ive made with mine because i was
    able to save a few transplants that were late getting out n stunted too
    using the tea.

  7. I dug around in the soil looking for problems. The soil was moist. While I
    did find 2 grubs, the roots looked great. The only bug that was there in
    seeming excess was an earwig looking bug. I say it that way because I
    cannot tell you exactly what bug it was. Plus, don’t earwigs eat leaf
    material? The leaves were dying, but they were not chewed on. All very

  8. It may be a soil issue

  9. i had that same white goo in my BTE raised bed garden. especially after a
    couple days of consecutive raining. i removed it though n it didnt seembto
    bother anything. my cucumbers in the pot did this and i removed allbthe bad
    leaves but im still gettingblittle round cucumbers? i didnt plant little
    round ones. some of

  10. Thanks man :)

  11. That is a sobering and somewhat gratifying concept. Death by old age.
    Thanks James :) I get to smile until someone posts a negative opinion :)

  12. downy mildew? I just had an epic battle with bacterial leaf spot myself.
    Try a diluted mix of copper fungicide.

  13. Thanks, and good luck with yours as well Lois!

  14. Well, we have some type of fungus in the garden, but I could not find it
    either on or in the plant. :|

  15. The Productive Garden Reply September 7, 2014 at 3:38 pm

    I really thought it was a borer but the damage to the stem and the stuff
    that looked like it had oozed out form a borer. Looking at the fungus you
    had in the garden do you think the stuff atthe base of the plant could have
    been this fungus dried out??? The moistness or rotteness of the vine where
    it has died would seem like some sort of infection either fungal or maybe

  16. could also be water problems or moles digging around the roots

  17. Grow Your Heirlooms Reply September 7, 2014 at 4:50 pm

    Just my 2¢. Bacterial usually for me produces a thicker oozing from the
    stem, viral would probably attack the cukes and they look fine. So the
    inside of the stem is ok, the fruit is fine. My amateurish opinion would be
    soil based. I would have guessed the roots to be a little larger, therefore
    allowing more nutrient uptake. i would say nutrient deficiency. The
    greatest indication for me was the split stems. Inconsistent watering may
    also be the culprit JMHO

  18. Vegitate Gardening Reply September 7, 2014 at 5:35 pm

    I don’t know, usually bugs are the culprit. If you had cucumber beetles
    they will spread a disease from plant to plant. I knocked them out early
    and this year I still have plants producing into late July. Sometimes you
    will never get an answer, so you just replant and hope for the best next
    round. good luck

  19. Hey I found this question and answer online, seems to be the same problem
    you are having. The stems of my cucumber plants are splitting near the
    crown and a brown ooze forms around these cracks. Soon after that the
    plants wilt and die. A. This is gummy stem blight and is controlled by
    spraying the crown with benomyl at seedling emergence and again at runner

  20. Could be just a magnesium deficiency. You could try spraying the leaves
    with a solution of 2 tablespoons of epsom salts per gallon of water and see
    if it helps.

  21. Looked like a lack of food to me. Plenty of blooms on a big
    plant…probably just needed a hand full of fert. Mine do that in late
    summer and I hit ‘em with a sprinkle of triple 17 and they tighten right
    up. Since you’re going organic I’d just dump a ton of greens and dead
    leaves in that spot this fall and work it in good. Seems like nothing works
    better than a monthly top dressing of nitrogen rich fert, though. Poop

  22. But I could not find any damage on the vine to actually indicate vine borer?

  23. What do you think about old age? I had completely avoided this possibility,
    but someone else brought it up. The plant was roughly 5 months old.

  24. Hey Sheila. I get what you’re saying, but I don’t think I missed them.
    There was no damage inside the plant at all.

  25. The Productive Garden Reply September 7, 2014 at 9:37 pm

    When I have had these sorts of plants die from “old age” the whole plant
    has sort of died at once and it is not a yellowing. It is more of a general
    drying out of the plant in an all over way.