Growing Vegetables in the Shade – What Can I grow?

John of shares with you his experiences in growing vegtables and other food crops in the shade. Watch this video to learn wh…
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  1. DragonettaUnchained Reply June 21, 2013 at 4:36 pm

    I have shady plants, too. Every time I walk by, I hear them dissing my fashion sense. lol

  2. Such a great help! Thank you!!!

  3. great I’ll try that, thanks

  4. black taro likes shade and wet conditions

  5. Ostrich fern (fiddleheads)… These all grow in northern US areas. All these can be planted in front yards to create beautiful landscapes, edible, but don’t look like a veg garden: along w/ Cornus kousa dogwood (fruit); redbud Cercis canadensis (flowers, young leaves, young pods); blueberries; Chilean wintergreen, Gaultheria mucronata (berries), linden tree/ basswood (young leaves, flowers), etc.  Fruit trees are ornamental. Nut trees are great for shade. It’s fun to learn about the edibles!

  6. On prennial vwegetables that can be grown in the shade, see Eric Toensmeier on YouTube /watch?v=zSyuI72QbOQ Phyllostachus species of bamboo (shoots), fuki, Petasites japonicus (stalks), griant solomon’s seal (shoots &tubers), and hosta. Not sure of all varieties are edible, but ‘narrow leaf plantain lilly’ is listed in some references as edible. Hosta is commonly eaten in Asia (unfurled leaves). Ground elder, Aegopodium podagraria (leaves as potherb). Varegated forms less aggressive.

  7. I would love to have some re variegated sorrel. where can I get seeds for that?

  8. Blackberries and green beans do well in partial shade.

  9. Its a bit of a stretch,but have you considered using shady places for mushrooms? In a natural forest they are doing well in the shade. Its not exactly greens and you cannot make juice of them, but for many people, they may be a choice. I try to do that currently, though I think I have to go back and try again because the substrate was not sterile enough. A question: Would strawberries do well (they also grow naturally in the forest under the trees)?


  11. what state do you live?

  12. Gaultheria Shallon is a good one for full shade.

  13. i live here in south florida, what foods are good in FULL sun?

  14. eerrbbss

  15. its all done by mirrors hehe

  16. Best shade plants are the Brassicas (cabbage family) but for me especially Watercress, Mint, Purslane, Swiss Chard, Lambs Quarters and Comfrey. All of these are truly wonderful and edible herbs and vegetables and do very well in partial shade. Also the “waste” from these plants make terrific worm food for your Worm Bed or Bin…you do have a Worm Bin, don’t you? PS: Comfrey and Watercress are the most important recommendations for any garden.

  17. I have been growing strawberries and I only get 6-7 hours of sun a day at the most, and the strawberry plant is growing like WEEDS! I love it! I am also growing lettuces, geraniums, roses, marigolds, bee’s friend, and succulents.

  18. I think 6 hours or more is considered full sun. The more over 6 it gets the better for the plant. But I’m no expert, so check around.

  19. Hostas thrive in the shade – and they are edible. They are eaten regularly in Japan. Grown here in the US in near infinite variety for ornamental purposes, a little experimental ampling for flavor and texture would be required. As John says, we can have a lot of fun experimenting!

  20. “Doctors have a shorter life expectancy than the general population and they have a higher suicide rate. Why would you want to go to them for your health?” – Dr. Lorraine Day

    Let’s grow our own food!

  21. ThreeEyedTeddyBear Reply June 22, 2013 at 2:23 am

    I grew garlic in a heavy shaded area and I now love my garlic. I started with one clove and got a bulb out of it and now planted all the cloves of that bulb and experimented with some the ones I just forgot out did the best since they’re huge.

  22. Very good !

  23. mushrooms grow in the shade.

  24. I thought 6 hours of sun is considered “full sun?”