Growing Your Own Seed Indoors – Seed Starting Equipment In this video show you what I use to get started on growing and starting my seeds indoors. You can grow from seed on a smaller scale that works for you. You will need the following to grow from seed Seeds, Trays, Soil, warm place to Germinate or Heating…

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  1. , the copper rod is part of the thermostat to regulate the temperature of the heat mat. Well the heating mats I use are commercial and you can get 5 full 10×20 trays on them they run over 100.00 ea and that does not include the thermostat.. you may want to look into something smaller for you .. just depends on what you want to spend .. 

  2. Hi Diane. This is a GREAT video. What is the brass rod that is next to the thermostat and how is it used? What is a good price (retail) for a heating mat?

  3. , thanks!

  4. TheOntarioGardener Reply July 18, 2012 at 8:17 pm

    Another great and informative video.

  5. , no you don’t I just do lots from seed and this helps me improve my daily performance .. If you get into it a little more then you may want to add a few things ..

  6. hmmm do I need all that stuff if I just wanna grow some tomatoes and carrots? I live in LA county btw

  7. thanks so much for the info.. love your videos..
    I just started growing wheat grass to juice.
    So much fun. Your videos inspire me to grow more veggies and herbs.
    Thanks for sharing… 

  8. , heating mats work once your temp in your home drops, I like them as they speed up the process of germination greatly and germination of the seeds is good too, that is my experience, and I work in the basement, sometimes during the day however the heating mat does not warm as the house is night them come on. Since I am a grower I use them, a sunny window, top of a fridge etc works too, and that is how I used to germ my seeds.. do what works for you! good luck!

  9. just wondering! If my room temperature is 70 D. how is a heating mat helpful?

  10. Hi, i’m just getting started with indoor starting from seed. It will be fairly small. Do you recommend a certain brand for seed mats? Any help would be great…. Thanks

  11. nice

  12. , thank you for watching..:) I hope to share much of my seed starting , etc..

  13. Awesome video! Thanx for sharing your experience…..4 lighting stations?! WOW! Gotta subscribe to follow your success.

  14. , Trial and error my friend , It is a lot of fun..Thanks for watching.:)

  15. seems like you know what you’re doing ;)

  16. Any questions for starting from seed, feel free to post your comment.:)