Hallucinogen-Herb garden

Full version of the track “Herb garden” from “The mystery of the Yeti part 2″

24 Responses to “Hallucinogen-Herb garden”

  1. This is just how I feel about the tune, I know this one half shpongle of course. But considering the part that raja plays in that tune, the wonderful flute soloin the middle, this could be called shpongle as well.

  2. Well your Shpongle reference makes sense because Simon Posford (aka hallucinogen) is part of the Shpongle group.

  3. This track somewhat has got to captures the essense of shpongle, and of psychedelic music in general :-p

  4. 14 minutes and 37 seconds to a trance

  5. 11:34 @)

  6. the underground sound is going mainstream, can you dig it.

  7. its shpongle-the herb garder…. not hallucinogen!

  8. you’re not wrong! saw him twice in the late 90s… both times i thought i was going mad! as far as ‘psychedelic’ trance goes… this guy can make you feel strange without the drugs. its a bit much for me. i appreciate he’s a talented guy,but i find his disorientation capabilities too far out for my little mind :)

  9. does anybody know what talk the talking is from?

  10. Hallucinogen knows more about how to work the human mind than any artist I’ve ever heard

  11. epic! love it

  12. beleive thats why i listeing to it now
    only wen ur high on weed or wat ever

  13. veinstuoksnezemaitis Reply June 3, 2012 at 1:07 am

    Amazing track. Can’t imagine, how it’s possible to produce all that. I mean, really, where is it all coming from?

    You hear it and you move.

  14. Boring..

  15. AlohaTelevision Reply June 3, 2012 at 2:29 am

    !!! ЭТО ВОЛШЕБНО !!!

  16. this is wat it sounds like deep inside my brain

  17. i am legitly buzzed off of this right now, 5 minuets in, i cant even imagine this on drugs well, ill find out soon enough :)

  18. mushroom

  19. This might be one of the best tracks ever made!

  20. @JackRMCdo …hahaha a prophecy! Just came back from a canna chillin’ saturday evening with deep+decks, sittin’ on my huge comfy couch.With My XL Numark’s killah headphones sticked to my ears! Reading now your comment….Haaaaaaaaaaa!!! That bass should be used as a part of theraphy for rythmic disability or something, hallucinogen sound labs!!! First tune i’ve heard was trance roller “LSD” still one of my my favs…. ayy, time for spliffo !! Bless for all psy sounds addicts!

  21. ricardomeneghel Reply June 3, 2012 at 5:47 am

    great stuff man!

  22. Truly amazing!!! Does anyone know where i can buy/download the full version?

  23. this is amazing!!