Harry Potter and the Horticultural Hogwash

“Tree-based mistakes” in the Harry Potter films are too much for our passionate tree expert Markus Eichhorn. More from Markus on the willow at periodicvideos.blogspot.com More tree videos at www.test-tube.org.uk
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24 Responses to “Harry Potter and the Horticultural Hogwash”

  1. Markus Eichhorn? That’s too good.

  2. It’s fiction. GOSH! It’s supposed to be fake. This guy is being TOO obssessive

  3. Harry Potter is awesome!

  4. it should be pointed out that it’s not the fault of harry potter, it’s the fault of the film makers.

  5. This guy is the best kind of scientist. He LIVES trees. Not just an expert in trees, someone who is constantly thinking about them.

  6. dramatic effect man! dramatic effect!

  7. Its fuckig magic!

  8. The tree thing you said about Harry Potter can be explained simply: Muggle Repealing Charms. When they cast the charms around, the turn the trees around to carnivorous trees as well as the castle to ruins. But as soon as you pass the barrier as a wizard, all things change.

  9. Oh, I do this with physics all the time… For that car to have jumped that distance with speed x the car would need wings for christ’s sake!

  10. You just pointed at a weeping willow. We have wild willows in our grove and the only similarity they have with ‘willows’ is the leaves. There branches don’t droop like the weeping willow. Besides the fact that not all species of willow look like what everyone thinks of as a willow, but the whomping willow doesn’t even exist but if it did it wouldn’t have to look like a weeping willow.

  11. I guess we all do that with some subject, pointing out mistakes in films and TV Series.

  12. Yup. I watch Movies and think there so many inaccuracy in movies/tv shows and as I argue about them I admit it’s just a movie/tv shows.  There’s reality and entertainment.

  13. tree based mistakes ahha

  14. Well what is the Whomping Willow if it isn’t a Willow? What is its name?

  15. I do it with things involving spacecraft:
    “where the hell is the radiation shielding on this thing?”
    “You could never get enough thrust out of that pathetic rocket to move that ship.”
    “How are they using a gravitational slingshot AGAINST the orbital motion?”

    Fortunately, my wife gets a kick out of it. :)

  16. I thought i was bad about pointing out stuff like that. I tend to do with birds but I do it with plants as well. The joys of being a geek

  17. How’s it possible? It’s magic!

  18. kinda like the oranges on the table in the painting of the last supper, back then only India hod oranges…

  19. I used to hate it for raping mythology.. now I think it’s those damned trees which irk me. Nope.. still the mythology rape.

  20. I love this gentleman’s passion! I am not an HP fan either, though until now it wasn’t for the tree mistakes.

  21. I get this guy. I think the same thing seeing cacti or peppers or whatnot in the old world in movies before Europe discovered the Americas.  To be fair, bad common names aren’t uncommon. I can think of many plants whose common names to my annoyance reference unrelated plants. Poison sumac, poison oak, and poison ivy come to mind. None of them are real sumac, oak, or ivy. I would suggest, rather than being a film error, the Whomping Willow was named similarly. Yes, I am an HP apologist :)

  22. I take it you are trying to troll and encourage others to try and laugh at your ‘obsession’ and seriously aren’t upset at a film for this?

  23. My wife doesn’t like when I point out mistakes in films either. :-(