Harvesting Onions, Potatoes, Garlic, Shallots, Tomatoes in the Organic Vegetable Garden

See us harvest our Onions, and see a few onions we overwintered. Also we pull up our Potatoes, Garlic, Shallots, and a few smaller-sized tomatoes. Lean from …
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25 Responses to “Harvesting Onions, Potatoes, Garlic, Shallots, Tomatoes in the Organic Vegetable Garden”

  1. Your onions are fine, just pulled them too early. Push the tops over after
    about a month and they will create huge bulbs. Also wait until the tops die
    down to pull them. I mulch mine to keep weeds out (when you mulch it only
    takes a couple of minutes to weed). I like your videos.

  2. I think you pulled the onions a little early. Next time wait if you can
    till the tops turn brown.

  3. I waited for all my vines and stems to die off on onions and potatoes and I
    had lg onions and a great yield on Potatoes..

  4. MIgardener | Simple Organic Gardening & Sustainable Living Reply January 25, 2015 at 12:06 am

    Wow, a harvest already?!?! awesome! everything looks amazing, and organic!

  5. Alberta Urban Garden Simple Organic and Sustainable Reply January 25, 2015 at 12:53 am

    Mother Nature will do as she wishes eh !? You are doing much better then us
    northern Gardner’s it’s still a few more months until I get really going :)

  6. Alabama Organic Gardening Reply January 25, 2015 at 1:19 am

    Good looking garlic! Too bad about the onions. I hope your next crop does

  7. Don’t let the knions go to seed. Breack the seed off.

  8. The weather sure did play a major role… but also, to me, it looks like
    the soil was very compact, not giving the veggies room to grow (either
    that, or as some have said, harvested too early- especially with the winter
    weather well into april in texas this year). Additionally, it might be the
    angle of the camera, but these plants look VERY close together-fighting for
    nutrients… and it looks almost like nobody was tending the garden to
    remove runners, prune and eliminate weeds. Best of luck next year! :) 

  9. Onions generally are ready to pull when the leaves start going yellow.. So
    maybe just leave them in a little longer?

  10. Beautiful grey shallot harvest! I am jealous.

  11. you’re harvesting already? So far, my harvests are lettuces and swiss
    chards. Just harvested my 1st batch of indigo tomatoes, yesterday, but
    that’s about. Your onions, garlics and potatoes are looking pretty good.

  12. Are you sure you planted short day-onions? And I thought you don’t pull
    them until the tops fall over.

  13. My friend, I am in Dallas, as well. This is my second summer gardening and
    the only things I can get to produce are peppers! I managed to get one tiny
    squash before the plant died and one tomato. I don’t use cheap soil in the
    raised beds. Wish we were neighbors!

  14. I had terrible luck with my red onions, too. The yellow and white onions I
    planted did very well, but all 20 of my reds were exactly like yours. They
    never bulbed up. So sad because I love red onions. But I’m pretty happy
    with my whites and yellows!

  15. Its interesting… as home gardeners we strive to get the best product and
    with that we are researching the best way to have that happen. Your early
    gardening showed us impressive and inspiring results. My garden has just
    not produced as much as I thought given the larger space it was given. I
    too agree that weather played an integral part. Continued success to you,
    to all of us!

  16. That is a nice harvest Brandon. It’s hard to keep the chicks out of the
    garden. If we could teach them to just pull weeds and eat insects it would
    be great ey? 

  17. With the exception of the seeded onions, none of the others were ready for
    harvesting. You should grown onions until they start to bend over and die
    at the stalk. Also, onion plants will bulb better than the onion bulbs as
    onion bulbs are second year onions and it is their duty to turn to see
    rather than to bulb. 

  18. Very nice looking bulbs and taters!
    My music garlic looks a lot worse than yours. I won’t be planting it again
    What are you using for mulch? and fertilizer?
    Thanks for sharing!

  19. Sorry there not ready until they drop there doing just fine put them back
    in ! 

  20. Your onions were not ready to pick you don’t pick them till the tops fall
    over and the flowers don’t mean they are ready just pull the bloom off and
    wait until they fall over. R. Halliday, Paris Texas

  21. In my first year and missed the spring crops they didn’t do so well I think
    I was too late plating, I did well on potatoes:). I’m in 8a too when and
    what do you plant for late summer or winter crops? 

  22. Thanks for sharing all you success and not so successful results.

  23. When did you plant the potatoes?

  24. Soiry about your onions..mine came out great here in Mineral Wells. 

  25. Looks like you have the makings for some good soup!