Hedge Plants-Selecting the Right Hedge Plant

Hedge Plants form a natural fence and serve a number of problem solving purposes. Learn more about Thujas, Boxwood, Butterfly Bush, Hydrangeas, Euonymus, Ornamental Grasses & more from www.GreatGardenPlants.com

6 Responses to “Hedge Plants-Selecting the Right Hedge Plant”

  1. This woman couldn’t pronounce her own name without a teleprompter. She would read the first syllable and then get completely stuck and bewildered if it was taken away from her.

  2. I ordered two Little Lime Hydrangeas from this company along with other types of plants, and was sent dried up sticks for the hydrangeas and pots with a leaf or two in a larger than usual pots of dirt, very disappointed!!!!

  3. Will all this live well in South California?

  4. metalShoesandjacket Reply November 11, 2012 at 11:51 pm

    actually hydrangea does have winter appeal as well, as they hold on to their blooms until pruned off the following spring. It is a deciduous shrub however so the hedge will have no leaves in winter.

  5. I think the speaker should have mentioned or discussed the appearance of these hedge plants throughout througout the year, not just in their “best” season. Also a mention of the soil type they like would havebeen useful.

    Hydrangea can look beautiful in the summer. But in winter (or very early spring), they look bare and shrivelled – not pretty then!

  6. i’m not buying anything from a woman who can’t read