Heirloom seeds-Organic Ridge Gourd

video by bangalorebobbel. Ridge gourde properties as per ayurveda texts: Leaves:used in splenitis,haemorrhoids,leprosy(!!!),granular conjunctivitis and ringworms. Fruits:demulcent,diuretic,tonic and nutrutive -an excellent vegetable . seeds:bitter,emetic,expectorant and purgative.used for skin troubles.
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  1. Your video quality is excellent. Thanks for all the videos.

  2. yes.many varities of gourds r there,here.some r non edible but used in ayurveda formulas and some edible-like the ridge.your squash may b a type of melon?

  3. Another lovely video. Thank you for sharing.

  4. It is such a beautiful place you live. The gourds here in America are only used for ornaments. Are all types of gourds edible? Are they a type of squash? Hope all is well in India. Peace Brother