High Mowing Organic Seeds

YourProduceGuy shows you his variety of unique seeds that will be planted in this years garden. I picked up these seeds from http://www.highmowingseeds.com a…

25 Responses to “High Mowing Organic Seeds”

  1. Loved it! Can’t wait to see the grown results.

  2. Nice video, I am glad I subscribed… peace and love

  3. Ahh great advice in the end: “Don’t just be a spectator; get involved.”
    I’ve been thinking about growing a garden for a few months now but just
    haven’t gotten around to doing it! Will definitely check out that site and
    maybe get some gardening supplies :P

  4. Thanks for the Mr. Rogers comparison! I am a conservative individual. I
    should be able to drop the ‘H’ with my British ancestry. Check out when I
    do the update video to see if I’ve improved. Thanks for watching, and
    caring! I do appreciate it.

  5. Hi, how do you earn your living?

  6. Thanks for the pronunciation guide, but even with that I may not be able to
    make my tongue say it. As for your request on cultivation…I have no idea
    what to do there. Try some Miracle Gro I suppose and lots of full spectrum
    lights in your closet. That, or move to Colorado.

  7. PS: It’d be really interesting to see you do an video on how to cultivate
    marijuana :)

  8. 1stBumbleBeeMaster Reply January 30, 2014 at 5:25 am

    When growers label food up it is often confusing. If you are like me and
    want GMO free, then you must check that it says so on the label. Organic
    alone means no chemicals but does not guarantee GMO free. So make sure when
    buying seeds,fruit and vege it says both Organic and GMO free. Hope this

  9. Not necessarily, but I think these are good. I will check on those. High
    Mowing is committed to all the good stuff. Plus they are in Vermont. Those
    Easterners are all about natural, sustainable, green, etc….

  10. worldwidewebgeezer Reply January 30, 2014 at 5:49 am

    haha happy man with green fingers! there is still hope for the world :D

  11. Make sure you show us your rain gutter planter. I was thinking of doing
    something like that on our patio fencing for herbs but I thought there
    would not be enough earth for things to grow well. Maybe there is….I
    don’t know. Maybe the deep large gutters would work better….

  12. Does 100% organic mean 100% GMO free?

  13. Cool YPG. I used to be part of a seed club, where you swap seeds with
    friends. I have grown most of those beans, you are going to have some great
    crops. Looking forward to seeing them grow. This is growing to be such a
    good year my friend :) Steve

  14. Music levels are perfect. Good luck with all those beans and basil!

  15. I was just teasing about the marijuana. You seem like such a conservative
    individual that it would have been a bit like Mr. Rogers teaching kids to
    grow magic mushrooms. As far as the pronunciation, you got it as close to
    what any English speaking person could. Just don’t pronounce the H in

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  17. I just found your channel when I was trying to learn the best way to cut up
    a mango. I’m really impressed with the videos I’ve watched so far and can’t
    wait to watch more! Very helpful!!!

  18. Super video, very interesting – very healthy :)

  19. Note: it’s pronounced A-riko vehrr. The H is silent because it precedes a
    vowel. You didn’t really care to know that bit of pedantism though, did
    you? :) It’s the French word meaning “green bean”. Did I just suck all the
    exotic out of it?

  20. i love getting new packages! you work in bussiness then there is no excuse
    for not gardening lol

  21. Thanks for the feedback. Right now I have 2 Mangoes in the kitchen that
    need to be eaten up, so I’ll be using those techniques this very morning.
    Thanks for watching. I’ll keep them coming.

  22. 1stBumbleBeeMaster Reply January 30, 2014 at 10:18 am

    You have some great videos! I love growing organic fruit,vege,nuts and
    garden plants. There really is no need for poisoning our gardens,farmland
    and country side with those horrible pesticides and weedkillers. Once you
    restore the natural balance you will have an abundance of every thing you

  23. Love these, keep them coming!

  24. omg omg omg omg omg omg seeds

  25. Holy shit my seeds came in the mail