Homemade Raised Garden Beds

Recorded on April 30, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.

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  1. i cover them with old air mattresses that blew out while camping and were beyond repair they also cover wood piles great from the rain

  2. the plastic wont last but a few years in the constant sun before it getsbrittle so what i do is cover them up for many years of use 

  3. You have to see our raised garden beds …Our garden is going crazy..How do we stop the plants from growing???? Go to my channel …… MrUrbangreen

  4. Nice lil garden. I agree, I am starting to like tomatoes more myself. They are so much better when we grown them. Ever make a tomatoe sandwich? I just use tomatoe and mayo. Or sometimes onion to. :o )

  5. Karmen Rodríguez García Reply December 5, 2012 at 11:01 am

    thanks for the tips :D

  6. wood mulch will suck nitrogen out of the soil as it decomposes making it unavailable to the plants

  7. You didn’t have to line your beds..the chemicals used to treat wood are poisonous (cca) but, cannot leach out of the wood,they are water- insoluable. Plants cannot absorb the chemicals and animals who chew the wood, can’t digest out the arsenic. just don’t burn it! (toxic gases)

  8. Hey Bozo, I know it must be super hard for you but try to focus on the post exactly above yours. Especially the first sentence AND the last sentence. SOME people that use You Tube actually know what they are talking about, but it is rare!!!

  9. maybe 10-15 years ago ,, no longer an issue

  10. hi,thanks for the vid. you gave me some good tips.

  11. The people at the lumber yard say not to burn your treated wood scraps because its poisonous. Also you have to use hot dip nails because the CHEMICALS in it will rust regular nails out.

  12. That’s cool, the compost garbage can. So any 30 gallon garbage can would work, with drilled holes? Are there also holes in the bottom of the can? Thanks!

  13. my dogs do the same thing

  14. Sounds like my dogs I have getting into everything and anything UGH! IDK about treated wood though I don’t want that getting into my vege’s. Great vid thanks!

  15. Nice gardening area! I realize that not everyone has chickens… BUT, if you do, or have a friend who does… you can put a chicken tractor over or near your garden plot and allow the chickens to scratch up the soil, they remove all greenery and fertilize the soil. When they have everything worked over, you can then move them to another location and begin your final garden prep and planting. Chicken tractors are even being used in cities like Boston! Check out Garden Girl TV for an example.

  16. Thanks!

  17. Thanks for the video… very helpful! :)

  18. Great job. Lots of good info that I can use. I plan to start my raised box garden in the Spring. Again, thanks for the excellent video.

  19. The garden looks great… I can see that it’s an older video, but still ;)

  20. BackyardDiscoveryCo Reply December 5, 2012 at 6:51 pm

    Great job.

  21. IKR!!!

  22. Lots of talk about the treated wood… but what about your plan to use run off water from the roof? If you have asphalt shingles I would think the run off would contain chemicals from that. Maybe better to get a couple of old bathtubs and put them down by the garden to collect rainwater.

  23. OK ,that’s good.Now ,don’t forget that when you go to church and the priest feeds you all kind of science-fiction stories.

  24. yeah, i have the issue with the dogs too..pee everywhere…ugh, so hard to garden other than in raised beds…and then with the raised beds, i have the cat issue…

  25. omg if i had your yard i would have garden boxes EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!