Horticulture – Lupines

How to propagate and grow Lupines

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  1. Your able to dig up the plant and move. Dig well around the plant and
    lift it out. Take that “bulb” and lay on a flat surface and hose it down
    as your are separating it. Place the separations in soil immediately and water
    well. If you are gentle when separating. Most of the plant will live. I did
    it without knowing about people saying you couldn’t. I was nearly 100% successful.

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  3. jackstrawfrmwchta Reply April 28, 2012 at 11:29 am

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t lead a horticulture.

  4. Cannot be dug and transplanted. In pots they have no tap root and can be planted. This I do not consider to be “transplanting”.

  5. First he says they cannot be divided or transplanted. Then, instead of direct seeding he plants the seeds in pots and talks about transplanting them later on.

    Which is it? Can they be transplanted or can they not?

  6. Most helpful gardening video I’ve seen so far. Love that you filmed the details of plating the seeds and the re-potting. I find it so frustrating when some videos, and although I do appreciate their time and efforts, just hold out the flower or plant to the camera and just ‘say’ what we should be doing and do not show us how they are doing it. Thank you!

  7. thats great to hear. I always get a kick out of things growing whether from seed or any other form of propagation even after all the years that I have been doing it

  8. I stuck 18 cuttings as you suggested 2009.05 and all 18 survived. Tnx for the heads up.

  9. Look at those bicolors, I’m jealous.

  10. I am going to add to this video instructions on how to propagate Lupins from cuttings.

  11. This is the only helpful video on the web that educates viewers on how to actually grow lupines in their own back yard. I wish you would add another one!

  12. I started mine in a bag and plan on planting them soon. They are still just seedlings.

  13. TNX for the info

  14. you take 3in cuttings from new growth in spring
    and root them in gritty compost in a greenhouse.
    delphinium and dahlias can be propagated in the same way.they need to be kept humid to prevent them from wilting but watch for botrytis(rotting)

  15. I have never been successfull propagating from cutting although I have heard of it being done. How do you do it.

  16. very good. Could i just point out that you can propagate lupins from cuttings too and they will flower in the first year from a january sowing

  17. Very informative and beautiful. Thank you!