How and Why to Ferment Tomato Seeds – Saving Tomato Seeds Part 1 This is an informative Video by Perry Mancini from the American Eskimo Rescue and Sanctuary of Iowa that focuses on the proper way to ferment and save tomato seeds. It also includes a small segment on saving Basil and Pepper seeds at the end of part 3 Due to upload time restrictions, this video is in 3 parts
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  1. Sure those aren’t shelties? ;) I liked the video and thought the barking was cute, but then again, barking does not phase most sheltie owners in the least!

  2. 3 videos with an annoying barking dog to show how to save tomato seeds? Let me help, squeeze tomato seeds into bowl, let mold for several days, rinse seeds in a sieve, place sieve with seeds on a plate until dry, place seeds in envelope, done.

  3. The dog has a sense of humor. He/she barks for 6 minutes out of 7. Right at the end it stops. Hahaha

  4. really great video my friend very informal sir :) please keep making videos and yeh the dog is a bit distracting but they cant help it i guess thanks again :)

  5. TheCrazyriverrat Reply July 4, 2012 at 5:02 pm

    Poor video because of dog. Can’t watch.

  6. Thanks! I didn’t realize tomato seeds needed to be fermented before cleaning and drying. So that’s what I’m doing wrong.

  7. CherokeeArchetype Reply July 4, 2012 at 6:18 pm

    WTF i wanted to watch so bad but cant even concentrate on what u say, next time no dog!

  8. Oh man what a mouthwatering deal! Can’t blame you for noshing hahaha

  9. I liked the way you were not annoyed by your dog barking! I am in the Philippines and the tomatoes here are about only 1″ in diameter and tasteless. I was able buy larger tastier ones in the adjacent city! I have no idea what variety they are! I never grew anything before, but I just dried the seeds and the plants are closing in on 4 ft. I found out, here instead of spraying chemicals they dissolve a natural soap like Ivory and use the solution as a spray. Effective cheap and organic

  10. your dog is cute!

  11. I think you should ask for your money back….oh wait a minute…you didn’t pay anything. :) ~

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  13. SORRY your dog is driving me nuts too bad wanted to listen get rid of the dog next time when you make a video

  14. Couldn’t take the dog, too bad cause it seemed like it would have been a good video.

  15. Must have been one of the watch dogs LOL :) 

  16. I agree. I really wanted to watch, but the dog drove me off.

  17. this dog drives me crazy, thats why I prefer the big dogs

  18. LMAO at “old Yes albums”, haha. Great video, even with the dogs, to me.

  19. sanctuaryrain2010 Reply July 5, 2012 at 12:17 am

    Wonderful video , great information…. om gosh the dogs… somebody take them for a walk! Hard to focus on what you said :( 

  20. Imported from russia ? LOL ,

  21. Muzzle that dog……….other than that, great video.

  22. Could have been a good video but just couldn’t stand the dog enough to finish watching

  23. Hahaha yeah I had an Eski they never shut up :)

  24. I have just sliced some salad tomatoes from a supermarket and saved the seeds by putting them in paper towel to dry. Will they still grow and produce tomatoes even though there just salad toms?