How and Why to Ferment Tomato Seeds – Saving Tomato Seeds Part 3 This is an informative Video by Perry Mancini from the American Eskimo Rescue and Sanctuary of Iowa that focuses on the proper way to ferment and save tomato seeds. It also includes a small segment on saving Basil and Pepper seeds at the end of part 3 Due to upload time restrictions this video is in 3 parts
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  1. Great video! Very informative and useful ! Thank You !

  2. Great video……at first the barking was getting on my last nerve, then I realized you were an animal rescue and I felt terrible for being annoyed by the barking. I have to give you a lot of credit for saving the animals! I wish I could hear the barking of my beloved dog Buster that passed last spring.

  3. If rescuing abused and neglected animal is sick, I am proud to carry that affliction with me until the moment I have ended.

  4. Im sorry but I had to cut your videos off before they ended due to the ridiculous dog barking, how do you tolerate this , I find it kind of sick that you put up with it .

  5. Yes a bigger bowl would be more efficient.
    I have never been a fan of drying seeds in the sun, I think it sterilizes a good portion of them. I would prefer a dry warm breezy location.
    As for the seeds on the pizzeria table, that is something I am not sure about if they would grow.
    So many seasoning seeds are sterilized before packaging.

  6. Thanks.
    A few questions:
    1. If you put the seeds with the goop in a larger amount of water would it be easier to skim off the fermented goop and bad seeds leaving the sunken good seeds goop free at the bottom?
    2. How do you dry the pepper cores? Could I string them and hang them in the sun?
    Seeing your dried peppers some how made me think of cayenne red pepper flakes (the kind that pizzerias put on the tables). If you picked out any whole seeds would they germinate and grow true?

  7. Do you speak dog? How do you know they are saying the same thing over and over?
    You make a good case in point though. I see the same comments over and over again (saying the same thing) And am not telling anyone to shut up.
    Keep in mind this is an animal rescue and sanctuary so the dogs are part of the natural environment here :)

  8. I agree, shut those dogs up! your community will thank you, and youll get more views.

  9. you are a saint, how you tolerate those dogs? ;-s

  10. So they should be fermented for four days? how many days is too little or too much?

  11. Very informative, but why in the world didn’t you put that dog somewhere out of the range of the mike? That was very annoying!!

  12. communist tomatos are not allowed in my garden !

  13. I see you have a voice in the world. Hope you are enjoying it :)

  14. Good info., but PLEASE shut that dog up.

  15. what is it he keep saying>>GROSS PARTICULAR

  16. Nice video 5*

  17. Thank you!

  18. Thanx for the info ! You have encouraged me to save my basil seeds !