How I Grow a Summer Vegetable Garden and You Can Too

John from takes you on a tour of this years summer vegetable garden to share with you what he is growing this summer. In this video you will learn about some uncommon varieties of vegetables that John grows as well as learn some techniques so that you can grow more food effectively.
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  1. Why did you plant so many peppers?

  2. id have to look it up again but there is a timetable that jews fallow. i talks about every 7th year let that plot of land rest. then every so often (forget the number of years something like 50 years) let it rest again. all of this was to prevent plagues and bugs (locusts) from decimating the harvest. if memory serves correct it also has when to plant crops during the year.

  3. Do you have no diseases. My squash have been hit by cucumber beetles, squash vine borers, squirrels, bacterial wilt, and powdery mildew. I have never seen so much devastation in a single year. Goes to show you how people have gone hungry in the past. Sometimes everything can hit in the same year.

  4. i put rock dust in all my soil this year and i would say the peppers have definitely benefitted the most from it. Here in Boston MA peppers usually never do well but immediately after I applied the rock dust the plants took off. They doubled in hight in a couple weeks and set of 20 banana peppers per plant. Best info I have ever gotten.

  5. I was a meter reader. I used to walk from house to house reading meters. Smart meters are being installed in my city as we speaak. Except these are going to be read thru the powerlines. So, they say. It was mandated my the Public Utilities Commission. I was forced to apply (not transfered) for another job within the company. Keep up the good work and great videos!!

  6. Those are crazy awesome tomatoes! 8ft. is awesome! I agree with the subtitles of the plants. it would be cool to do some of the caption bubbles like in comic strips. Keep on growin!

  7. good update. I like the variety you have growing on in your garden. :0)

  8. I love your videos, I’ve learned soo much! QUESTION: I just noticed these tiny white flies that swarm all over my container herb plants that appear when I water them? Have you ever come across this?

  9. growingyourgreens Reply June 30, 2012 at 5:28 am

    Yes, I will be there, and have a few episodes from there. I plan on having a booth if I am approved..

  10. John, will you be taking a field trip to the The National Heirloom Exposition at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds September 13-15? That would make a great video.

  11. Thank you !

    What about adding the latin name of plants to your descriptions. It would be easier to find more informations about it.

  12. growingyourgreens Reply June 30, 2012 at 7:20 am

    Purple Oregano specifically may be “Hopley’s Purple Oregano” but im not 100% sure because when I planted it, the plant was simply labeled “Oregano”

  13. Very nice organic garden John, congratulations !

    What is the name of the purple flowers plant at 20:20 ?

    Maybe you should think to write down the names of the plants as subtitles. That would be easier for foreign watchers that speaks english but doesn’t understand easily plants names (like me in Paris for example) ;-)

  14. Great video lots of information I’m hoping my tree collards look as good .

  15. growingyourgreens Reply June 30, 2012 at 9:20 am

    Evening Primrose. I would encourage you to ensure the flower is identical to the one in the video before consuming.

  16. there’s no freedom here!

  17. Eat it foo!

  18. lisareidmitchell Reply June 30, 2012 at 10:33 am


  19. lisareidmitchell Reply June 30, 2012 at 11:20 am

    what in the world r u gonna do with all that food? ie: peppers,tomatoes ….?

  20. I love the tree collards too, but I have found that all the brassiac family is attacked and inundated by varmints in the summer. They just do better when they are freshly planted in the fall and early early spring, and then allowed to go to seed.

  21. John, what is the yellow flower in the background at 20:45? I have some in my yard and want to know what it is. I remember you talked about it in another video but I can’t seem to find which one it was. Thanks for the info. :)

  22. Hey great video!! lots and lots of good organic food!

  23. Exactly Refuse Smart Meters = radiation !!! Great information John !
    Excellant !!!

  24. GospelTruth37059 Reply June 30, 2012 at 1:20 pm

    Another winner john! I picked up alot of info thank you so much!!!

  25. I have some beans growing, but the bugs are devouring the leaves! Any suggestionns on how to control my bug problem? Great video too by the way, i never miss one :) Keep up the good work!!