How much and When to Water the Plants in your Vegetable Garden

John from answers the question how much to water your plants in your garden.
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  1. Dude your videos look and sound awesome but they are too long it will be my
    favorite channel if they were nice and short five min being longest 

  2. actually my mom and most of my family if from a country in the tropics with
    exotic plants and they water when the soil is dry and water gently for 10
    second for every gallon of soil also provide good drainage. :) :) :) 

  3. Innocent Sinners Comedy Collective Reply December 4, 2014 at 6:43 am

    I want that garden!!!

  4. Are you sure? I live in Renton and the sun has been out a lot especially
    yesterday. I had to whip out my sunglasses when I’m driving on 167 or 405.

  5. Very good explanation. Thank you…

  6. I soke my plants every three days.

  7. It only rains twice a week in Ireland… once from Sunday to Wednesday and
    then from Thursday to Saturday. Best Wishes, Brendan.

  8. @KainanRa I’m in alberta and we have a snow threat for friday. we were
    blessed we didnt have it on the long weekend but we are suppose to have
    rain from thursday untill sunday with snow on friday. I hope my tomatoes
    servive they have so far.

  9. KainanRa's Suburban Homestead Reply December 4, 2014 at 9:56 am

    Great video. I know all about to much water living here in the Pacific NW.
    Going on three weeks with almost non stop rain.

  10. @baconsoda You are so lucky that it rains twice a week. Here in the
    Philippine from January to mid June NO RAIN at all. All our dams are drying

  11. Hi John, I am from Canada and I am totally in awe of your gardening
    abilities! I just put in two 4X12X12′ deep raised bed square foot gardens.
    I’m looking forward to learning a ton from your experience and hope if I
    have a question perhaps you might find the time to answer to help me get
    started in my quest to growing my own greens!

  12. deepsouthlouisiana Reply December 4, 2014 at 10:08 am

    thanks John I learn alot from you I feel like you do know alot love to
    watch your videos thank you so much

  13. if you water potted plants can you keep water in the disc where the pot is
    standing on so the plant sucks the water up from down

  14. dude that was super rude spraying your cameraman

  15. John, that was a really helpful video. Thanks.

  16. I definitely have a crush of John:) And I’ve passed these videos to my
    friends. Dont know why I havent started growing vegetables until now.

  17. KainanRa's Suburban Homestead Reply December 4, 2014 at 12:33 pm

    @OS253 Lucky you. We have had rain everyday down here in Vancouver.

  18. Great vid John! We’ve been having really hot temps and dry weather for our
    area. Needing to do a lot of watering right now.

  19. dude…literally every time i’ve done a search for something plant-related
    (about 20 independent searches) …one of your videos has come up … lol..
    not complainin’ .. jus sayin’… i dig the raw food and juicer channels
    too.. thanks for the information…

  20. The triple one i like but one thing about it be very careful with it
    because it does brake easily not sure how accurate it really is either.