How to build a basic garden railroad, part 2

Garden Railways magazine shows you how to set up a simple garden railroad. Part two includes: Constructing a simple tunnel, connecting the power, adding structures and details, gardening, and completion of the line. Watch part one on Garden Railways’ channel to see the entire construction of this garden railway. Visit our website for more beginner information at
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6 Responses to “How to build a basic garden railroad, part 2”

  1. $2000-$3000

  2. Stainless steel track works best for running outside for lower maintenance. Stainless track is less prone to problems like weather, or conductivity.

  3. No. The rails are made of brass so that they don’t get damaged.

  4. What were the costs of all these to make?

  5. Can i drive the trains even when it rains? And what if the track ( Electric parts like switches ) Get wet does it get destroyed then?

  6. awesome guys, great little series. i love how your encouraged to do this with your family or friends.