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GardenFork.TV A cold frame or hoop house is a great season extender, watch as we build a simple cold frame from simple materials. We have several cold frame hoop house videos, you can watch them on this playlist Watch the Hi Def version of this video here: Here is the link to the thermatic cold frame hoop house vent: in our other videos we make a cold frame out of recycled windows , let us know your thoughts in the comments! More great DIY, Cooking, Gardening, Home Improvement, Urban Homesteading videos and info on our site: GardenFork.TV
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  1. we have a how to make a cold frame video using an old window on our channel here. see the video responses above or in the info for the link. i think the vent we use works well. keep in mind an auto vent opener, the kind that will push open a window, cannot lift a heavy window, that’s why we use the crawlspace vent type . these vents are cheap, so you can install two if you need to for cold frame venting. thx, eric.

  2. this hoop house has done well. the plastic ripped, but that’s because i didn’t roll it up in summer and a branch ripped the cold frame plastic. working on an improved hoop house with some electrical conduit pipe i found.

    you can also buy greenhouse plastic that is stronger, and UV stable. they also make a special greenhouse tape.  thx, eric.

  3. Cool project, Eric. How has it held up? I’ve also seen people use old drip-tape lines as cheap batten tape to help secure the plastic in a pinch.

  4. Does the vent work in practice, the way it should in theory….now that you’ve had time to test it out? I’m thinking about starting some kale in one of these and this is one of two different ways I’m considering building it…..The other idea being with a salvaged window with an automatic vent opener ………slightly more expensive but maybe worth it if the vents aren”t very reliable. What do you think??????

  5. as you can see, i’m great at math! but this is a great hoop house cold frame. works well. thanks eric.

  6. U did more maths than actual woodork boi! LOL

  7. yeah, math is not my strong point. thanks for the info! eric.

  8. Not to put too fine a point on it, the circumference of your circle is actually πd (the area is πr²). Luckily, your diameter was 4 so r was 2 and r² was the same as d=2r :-) . If the diameter (width) is other than 4, you should go with π2r rather than with πr². Other than that, I <3 your videos and website – great tips and very entertaining.

  9. nice

  10. I noticed in your other cold frame video that the temp got down to 10 degrees inside. How did the plants survive?

  11. putting lath underneath the hoop house is good idea to secure the plastic. a good addition to our hoop house cold frame plan here. thanks for that, eric

  12. I built my large gh pretty much like this. 12×12 I did use lathe to go around the bottom of the plastic, which worked great. You did a great job!

  13. never thought of it that way – i don’t keep chickens, but good point! eric.

  14. Dude, you just unintentionally created the simplest and arguably the most effective chicken coop in the history of you tube!

  15. who would ever build this. this is the most useless building ever

  16. 4:45 70 degrees oh no!! haha

  17. my idea is that is important that the edges of the hoop house contact with the soil, and i like how the hoop house sits inside the raised bed. but i’m not the expert, thanks for watching eric.

  18. I like this guy :D  “It doesn’t have to be perfect, we are not going to the moon” hahaha

  19. I’m thinking if it was slightly bigger than the bed the soil might stay warmer.?

  20. recycling & repurposing  materials in the home is great, glad you are doing what you do, thanks for watching,e ric.

  21. I also used wire to keep the buckets in place in case of high winds by poking holes in the sides and pushing the wire into the ground … worked awesome!! :)

  22. roflmbo @ the tomato thief ! well done! thanks … I recycle and try to use what ever I got on hand, last year we were getting some cold nights and I used plastic grocery bags clothes pinned to the tomato cages … I cut holes in the bottoms of plastic coffee containers and placed them over my broccoli and other plants that would croak in the cooler temps then I would take them off during the day Ice cream buckets work well too just cut hole in the bottom and turn upside down.

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  24. the camera operator is hilarious…..way to provide excellent commentary…and she always seems to ask the questions i want to ask. *high five*