How to Build a FREE Plastic Crate Raised Bed Garden

John from shares with you how you can make an entire raised bed garden out of FREE plastic crates. In this episode, John wi…
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  1. Always inspiring to watch YO videos ! 13 love To you Big J ! Ur one bizzy B , replenishing the earth our turf !!

  2. torreshugo120895 Reply June 22, 2013 at 9:30 am

    ohh i live in houston :0

  3. I like your ideas of recycling and reusing in gardening. I don’t think that many people, of which I am, know just how creative a person can be in the garden and still be successful.

  4. Freedom of speech comes to mind!! without being told to stay off a page. I am entitled to my opinion you know some people actually do have one. And you certainly don’t even understand the concept of “bad mouthing someone” Oh and a little bit of advice no point in coming here and ranting about my post when you manage to plug your own crap “I used the worn castings…. blah blah blah” And what a generous person you are giving the guys at the nursery $50 tip??? You expect us to believe that!!

  5. The Steve Irwin of gardening. :D

  6. The guys that work at our local nurseries fill anything we have in our trunk, they are very friendly and they get it done. and they never expect anything. i however tip them $50 for their friendliness and extreme help they give me.

  7. apparently you are, he’s showing the rest of us ways to implement other useful things to make a better outcome for the garden. I used the worm castings and my garden vegetables are thriving!! If you don’t like the video, don’t stay on here to bad mouth someone who obviously has more lovers than haters. Please grow up!

  8. this is by far the easiest short informative how to video and true results!! thanks for the video and time you put in for everyone! Much appreciated.

  9. Thank you for this video!!

  10. Not to be mean seriously consider some medications.

  11. I’m a real fan. What I like is that you educate about better food choices as well as unique ways to garden.

  12. This guy loves the camera and the sound of his own voice. 30.17 to show how to fill a plastic crate with soil???? what a waste of time. We are not stupid you know

  13. Good video however you owe the people at the soil place an apology. I can tell by the video you expected the worker to fill your little boxes or wait until you had your boxes filled. You forget that they are running a business and they loose money by helping people like you. They are set up to fill a bucket load of soil into a truck not little boxes. I get customers like you all day long that waste my time and it cost me money. Next time show up with a truck and apologize

  14. If you have someone who can help you, a free alternative would be to do as I do and utilise unwanted pallets to build a platform for your crates, so that they are the perfect height for you. If you ask around it’s not too hard to find companies who will let you take a couple of pallets. You can get organic compost from around 3 dollars a bag. It might not be the best quality but there are things you can do to improve it. (For example I raise my own worms and use home-made worm tea)

  15. So what’s the term Westy/Westie? YOu’re obviously not a little white dog.

  16. I don’t see why not. I had a friend fill in the gaps on her pallet garden with the landscape cloth and it is still holding up a year later.

  17. i can get free milk crates but the holes are too big. would it be okay to line the crates with landscape cloth?

  18. “it has a nice unique flavor, and oh man it’s even flowering that’s really coolomnomnom.”

  19. I use RPCs (reusable plastic crates) all the time in produce. They are nice, but I don’t think any place around here in NKY gives them out, usually shipping them back to be reused. Fantastic use for them though as they are already made to drain.

  20. Usually gardeners are laid back but you make gardening seem cool. Like only the cool kids garden!!

  21. Lol, I feel like he’s trying to sell me a car. Anywho, thanks this really helped my gardening situation! :)

  22. Did you try the purple drank?

  23. Shankar Smith Aleksandersen Reply June 22, 2013 at 10:02 pm


  24. LOVE THIS VIDEO! Thank you! Just now getting back to gardening and this was a wonderful presentation!