How to Build a Raised Flower or Garden Bed

Lowe’s home improvement expert, Mike Kraft, shares tips on building and constructing a raised garden bed. Learn what products to use and how to design a beautiful raised flower bed. For more helpful videos, visit
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  1. I use raised beds to grow my own food on 1/10 of an acre. to see them go to

  2. 1:19 a hoe lol

  3. easy project my butt im doing this for my eagle projuect and IT IS NOT EASY!!!

  4. @stodarddaton If you don’t like LOWES, go to HOME DEPOT.


  6. This turns the easy raised bed idea to…..$100 at lowes.

  7. I don’t see instructions under the video on the website… :(

  8. this vid is just perfect in design and all

  9. this vid is just perfect in design and all

  10. The treated wood gives you a better buzz!!

  11. @Iris81408 im trying to make my lonly backyard to a pretty gardeen and this is my first day and i have some seeds and some soiil:D

  12. This is a very interesting and easy video with good tips. I am working on my big back yard. This is my first home and I am trying to do it all by myself. It is a lot of work and I love to step back and see what I have created with my very own two little lady hands. My papa would be so proud. :) Considering that I am a city girl. Gardening is fun I just wish I started some projects sooner since summer is heating the days out here in the AZ sun.

  13. i dont have a deck can i still build this with wood?

  14. Great idea and I’ll be doing this this weekend. But on a side note, isn’t this the same guy from the Retro-Encabulator video? I loved that!

  15. Cedar also helps keeps the bugs away.

  16. This makes me wanna go to Lowes…

  17. I’ve really enjoy it

  18. @alanckaye And is he going to supply you with the materials for free? Lumber AND labor WILL cost more than doing it yourself.

  19. holy shit you could pay someone to do it for less than purchasing all that stuff.

  20. seetherfanforever01 Reply November 8, 2011 at 3:55 pm

    Bull crap. He lists like 4,851 things you need to do this. All you need is some wood, seeds, dirt, and a saw. -_-

  21. I use all recycled materials to make my garden raised beds – have also created a greenhouse for 7Euros/Dollars out of untreated pallet wood!

  22. Why not just, wood, electric or manual saw, hammer, nails, and a measurement tape? I garden a la natural, just prepare the soil, plant seeds, water it and keep caring for the plants.

  23. haha you dont need half of thos things to build a simple raised flower bed :P

  24. wow that simple thing will cost me 700$!!!! OH JOY!

  25. you could cut all these items that are needed in half or more. Walmart or Lowes sponsored this video probably. A hammer and nails with some scrap wood. Nail some drift wood together to add a rustic look to the whole thing. You don’t need dimensional lumber if you don’t want it. Scrap wood is everywhere .