How to Build a Raised Garden Bed for Under $15!

Gardening season is in full swing and I’m trying out some raised garden beds on the farm thus year to improve or water drainage issues. We’ve been getting a …

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  1. Hi Vanessa thanks for this video. What do u use to fill the raised beds.
    ? Organic soil? also do u know any natural pesticides and fertilizers to
    use ? 

  2. I literally have a black thumb, but my kids love Grandma’s garden!

  3. Fensterfarm Greenhouse Reply September 29, 2014 at 9:33 am

    Great job Vanessa. I have this 15 of these setup in my greenhouse.

  4. You made this project look super simple! I will try this with my children
    now. Thanks for posting this video.

  5. This is a really nice idea. Even people in apartment complexes might be
    able to manage something on a roof of a building, the height would also
    help prevent weeds from spreading quickly. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Are those treated wood?

  7. I love my raised beds. I did get some recycled cedar wood fence pickets
    and we’re making our new beds out of that.

  8. I like ur cordless drill, and want to buy exactly the same thing because
    the size looks perfect small but it looks powerful, let me know! Thank U

  9. Several vids have warned about using treated lumber because of the
    chemicals leaching into the soil. I wonder about coating the wood with
    wood preservative. Some preservative is water soluable; some is solvent
    soluable. If you use treated lumber, how about coating it with a vinyl
    sealer? This is semi-clear and like thick cream. If the bed is on the
    ground, why not use 1 inch lumber (3/4 ” thick). There is little outward
    stress from the dirt fill, but they may rot sooner.
    You can use the width of the 4 ft boards to measure the short 2×4′s rather
    than a tape measure. I like to pre-drill holes. But the screws are already
    self-drilling. I doubt that contractors pre-drill the holes. Your cordless
    drill should be speed adjustable depending on how much you squeeze the
    trigger. When the screw is close to all the way in, let off of the trigger,
    and let the screw go in to where the head is even or slightly below the
    surface of the board. You can also set the torque to where the drill will
    stop at the right depth of the screw. Otherwise the drill will want to keep
    driving the screw to China. And do not let the screw keep turning after it
    gets to the propper depth, as you will be drilling another hole in the side
    boards. Let the screw drive in slowly.
    If your garden box is close to trees, I suggest some kind of barrier on the
    bottom that will permit drainage, but keep tree roots out. If you keep the
    garden watered, the water will attract tree roots.

  10. Thank you for this quick and easy DIY! I’ve favorited it so that I can
    refer back to it when we move out of our apartment. It will so incredible
    to have a yard and garden again! 

  11. Awesome!!! Just sent this to my mother in law, she’s been talking about
    doing this!!! My husband is gonna do this for her!!!! Thanks for this!!!

  12. SO, scrap wood the same size would be ok for a flower bed… I have a bunch
    that was a fence.. probably were treated.. thanks for the tutorial.

  13. It was amazing to watch you do this. You are very talented!

  14. Vanessa great video. we live in a townhouse and my kids really want to
    start a fruit and veggie garden so we will be building one of these this
    weekend. What kind of plants do you recommend this time of year or is it
    too late to start?

  15. Thanks for the gardening tip. Will you use some type of weed barrier on the
    bottom of the beds? I can’t wait to get back to my garden. When ever this
    darn Michigan weather ever warms up. 

  16. Thanks for the video! You made it look so easy. 

  17. Good Job, Vanessa! You make everything look so easy and so doable!

  18. I am the first like ❤ .. it is very beautiful and easy.. Thanks

  19. Hubby made ours a few years ago. They are an awesome addition to any

  20. Hey Vanessa, if you haven’t filled up the beds made from the stacked 2x4s
    with soil, you may want to put reinforcements, similar to the ones you put
    on the corners, in the middle of the long sides. Without the reinforcement,
    the sides may bow outward especially when the soil is saturated with rain
    during Florida’s rainy season.

  21. Thanks so much for this video. Looks like even I can do this! 

  22. Y u no have variable speed drill.

  23. Nicely done. The boxes and the video. Thanks.

  24. Do you have a spare cordless drill? My dad really wants one.

  25. Nicely done! We’re doing a big raised bed this year too. Organic salads,
    here we come!