How to build a raised Garden Bed For Vegetables

This is a short video, showing how I just built my own raised vegetable gardening bed. It is raised off the ground 3′ and I don’t have to bend over to work i…

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  1. Steve, thanks for your response. I will go to the 12″ depth. Your comment
    about rotting wood concerned me. My son-in-law suggested pressured treated
    wood, but I was concerned about the chemicals leaching into the soil. Your
    thoughts, Jim

  2. I plan to build an above ground vegetable garden box, following your
    instructions. The raised bed/box will be 12ft long and 4ft wide. My
    question is this, what depth does the soil need to be for vegetable
    gardening. I am thinking of using 2X10 for sides and ends, but is this
    overkill. Can you help determine how deep the soil must be? Thanks, love
    your stuff. 

  3. I’m building this in the next week or so. I am brand new to gardening.
    Would I be able to water this over the top of the soil or would I need an
    irrigation setup? Sorry if that’s a dumb question. 

  4. Steve, you are the best! Thanks for quick and informed response. Building
    will begin soon. Thanks again, Jim

  5. would the wire mesh in the bottom with only garden fabric be enough to
    keep the soil in there? I am building one for the first time this year.
    would it be wise to put caster wheels on it to move around as i am going
    to be putting this on my patio? Also,would I need to line it with anything
    first if I used pressure treated plywood?

  6. Can’t wait till you show your idea for water reclamation project.

  7. It is plenty and I used staples to secure the mesh and fabric to the sides
    and supports. Casters would be up to you bu that’s not a bad idea if it
    will be mobile. And even with a lining I would not use PT wood because of
    the chemicals in it.

  8. Could you attach a shelf to it, or would that interfere with the draining?

  9. thats off the chain i bet your happy with that elevated garden bed

  10. You could easily put a shelf below. But you would have the water that
    drains falling on whatever you put down there. However I am planning on
    using corrugated sheeting on the underside for a water reclamation project
    soon. That would keep it nice and dry.