How to build an EXPENSIVE Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Ep 2

Installing water to the garden bed and filling it with the growing medium.
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  1. I noticed that you do a lot of milling of the lumber. When milling
    untreated Lumber save the saw dust for your own compost or use it for
    growing your own oyster mushrooms. Love the work your showing and will
    stay posted. Am medically retiring from active duty and have to upgrade
    our house in Illinois. We won’t have a lot of money but we are also using
    salvaged material. Family is helping in the reconstruction and I will most
    likely post the complete project as well on a month to month basis. Hope
    we keep in touch, from Doc to the Eyes in the Sky.

  2. I noticed (towards the end of the video) that your gardening hut was
    casting a shadow over the raised bed. I’m not sure how much sunlight the
    plants will be deprived of as a result of the shadow, and how this will
    affect your growth rates, but it’s probably a good rule of thumb to
    position vegetable patches to minimise as much shadow as possible —
    especially during important phases of the growing season. 

  3. Roundup is EVIL!! Mansanto is EVIL! Never use Roundup especially near

  4. Hey! Sorry I didn’t comment sooner, issue with comment sections. I would
    definitely put the landscape fabric down under the bricks. I also tend to
    stay away from using the Roundup in areas where my food comes from. So one
    broadcast is fine, but be real careful with that stuff.

  5. Sansanee Wanpiyarat Reply April 5, 2015 at 9:46 pm

    If you don’t have plan or are not at home for long time you can use plastic
    cover to protect the rain and weeds to growing in bed garden and for fruit
    trees, you should make drip irrigation system to safe your fruit trees :) 

  6. Bruce Brinkerhoff Reply April 5, 2015 at 10:32 pm

    Hi Mike,
    Good to look in on you! Thanks for being up there, I have some viewing to
    do. I’m sure your BFR will go well. So good to hear your voice!

  7. Putting in the water and soil in the raised bed garden in Episode 2