How to build cement walls for raised bed gardens

How to build an 8 inch wall for a raised garden bed using gravel and cement
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  1. Very nice Frank,very nice indeed. I see you are still creating. Love the raised beds. Miss you guys. hugs from the Lazy p -b-

  2. (2) I’m also laying pvc pipe in advance to utilize a slow drip irrigating system with timers to save time. Thank you for your video.

  3. (1) Really enjoyed seeing this. I’m in the designing phase of creating a raised garden bed. I wanted to build the beds using concrete but realized it would be too much work. Your idea is awesome and I would like to try your method. However, I would like to install pvc pipe at the bottom of the walls in a few areas to allow water to drain incase of too much rain flooding the bed. Not lately with the present drought but there are times in our area we get a lot of rain. (more…)

  4. Thank you for your quick response.

  5. It is up to you as to how long a piece of flashing you can use. I use about 10 feet each side. For cement I use 15 scoops of 5/8 minus gravel to 3 scoops of Portland cement per load.

  6. Thank you for posting this video; you do beautiful work. I have a couple of questions. What is the length of the flashing, and about how much cement do you mix per section? Thanking you in advance.

  7. Your are very welcome….

  8. dear sir, thank you very much for this video!

  9. …happy to be of help….!

  10. I’ve been trying to think of a way to make a raised garden bed out of concrete.

    My thoughts ranged from doing some kind of block build to a wood form. I wasn’t crazy about either one, but I was going to go with the cement block idea. I was going to make and color my own block.
    I wasn’t crazy about the time it was going to take though.
    Then I came across your video. Wow, such a simple method, not nearly as time consuming.
    Great idea, thanks very much for posting this. You just saved my back.

  11. love this!!

  12. The metal sheets are roof flashing, 8 inches tall. The cement mixture is one part portland cement to 5 parts 5/8ths minus gravel. You do not need a cement mixer. Use a wheelbarrow and a hoe to mix it. The metal sheets do not stick when removed after the cement has set up for a day or so.

  13. Just make sure you are level and on firm ground. I scrape off all the grass and remove any rocks that would prevent the metal from having continuous contact with the ground. Rebar can be pounded down into the soil in the center of the form to make it more stable before you add the rocks and cement.

  14. i was just wondering how i prep the ground first? thanks

  15. that is such a beautiful garden!

  16. It so simple :)

  17. Your circular plan is so cool. We too often go rectangular.

  18. 1. U look like Hulk 2. Cut in Jeans a reminder to the 90ties? 3. Nice Walls

  19. This is fabulous! I have been looking for ways to make raised beds that I don’t have to replace and this is attractive and practical. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  20. Very informative video. Great job on your garden too.

  21. You say that its easy but I think you make it look a little too easy. As if you have been doing this for a long time and have developed real skill. Your back must be made of iron and I didn’t see and ounce of fat. Looks like the whole garden took a lot of work and pride in the work as well. Great Vid.

  22. I like the “clean up” and the “hitching” of the pants….