How To Choose The Right Plants For A Medicinal Herb Garden

Learn which plants are best to grow a medicinal herb garden. From the Southwest Yard & Garden series.
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  1. Ok video. However, as a practicing herbalist, Pennyroyal can in fact be
    used internally. We use it to prep for natural births and to cause the
    uterus to begin to practice strong contractions, making the birthing
    process easier. It is non-toxic when dosed correctly. Also, a physician
    (aka as an M.D.) are not well versed in herbal healing. Going to them, they
    would tell you to stay away from most all herbs, when in fact, the majority
    of them are safe. M.D.s are just that. Medical doctors. They learn to
    prescribe pharmaceutical MEDICINE, as that’s what they learn. They do not
    learn to heal the body using nutrition and cleansing. They learn to