How to dry tomatoes

We had another glut of tomatoes from the greenhouse. In this video we show you how to dry them. We also include a bit about storing partially dried tomatoes in olive oil. For more information go to

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  1. I know this is a late reply but I think what stores do is just add salt as a preservative in the oil. Plus you can probably get those jars that you can really vacuum seal. But I think the key to preventing mold is the salt content. Of course though when you want to use the tomatoes, you will probably want to rinse them before using them. I haven’t tried doing this but it’s pretty ubiquitous in any canned/jarred food.

  2. omf this oven is a mess wtf.

  3. We gave it a go – tomatoes still bit soft in jar with oil and it turned out fabulous! We loved em and used em within a year. New season, so going to repeat this every year now! :D Many thanks.
    Now there are more than we can handle cucumbers and white pumpkins.. :)

  4. I just eat them out of the jar. Mum never use them for cooking anyways, so why leave them in the fridge when you can eat them. Yum yum.

  5. TheWopperwithcheese Reply January 31, 2013 at 2:00 am

    really? thats nothing bro… ive seen way worse.

  6. great info thanks  from the usa

  7. Great video, exactly what I was looking for. :)

  8. TheNotTypicalDotCom Reply January 31, 2013 at 3:10 am

    eeeeGAWD. Is your oven filthy enough?

  9. i would love to know that. Wouldnt be cheaper to sun dry them? i live in Cyprus so suns not a problem tbh

  10. Are you Billy Elliot’s father?

  11. True, but most people have an oven of some sort. Not everyone has or can afford a food dehydrator or lives in a place in which sun-drying is an option.

  12. I like them in olive oil the best. I add basil and a head of garlic (broken into cloves)per jar. Great to top off omelettes, salads, pizzas, and sandwiches.

  13. This is very interesting. I cannot express to you how much I love eating tomatoes That is garden tomatoes. I want to learn more about the oil And tomatoes. Did you say you dried those tomatoes in the jar?

  14. Never thought about the olive oil method. Thanks.

  15. 15 hours!!! Doesn’t that consume A LOT of electricity?

  16. great video, it does seem silly to run your oven for 15 hours for just a few tomatoes, filling the oven up with a few more treys maybe would help efficency but would take longer…. i liek the oil storeing tech. good one. food dehydrators are good for drying. more efficent than an electric oven i many options!

    thanks for the good tutorial tho FAVORITED!

  17. thanks for sharing your knowledge

  18. I’ve not had a problem storing them in oil though I have to admit they have been used up within a few months. I don’t store the oil/tomatoes in the fridge, I just keep them in the pantry.

  19. I have partially dried tomatoes and canned in olive oil as per your video and its taste grate. I am just concerned about how long they will last and be “safe”. In some other sites it is said that partially dried tomatoes will developed nasty “mold…” even in oil. what is your experience.
    Also when I store the can in the refigirator the oil solidify..which is apperntly normal …but bit inconvenient and not so apealing to the eye. How do you store them?

  20. can you preserve them in water?

  21. the oven is so dirty!!!

  22. they can last a year, even more.

  23. I love it! All i need now is a garden and a greenhouse! haha!

    Thanks for sharing. I hope you still have this video up when i get my first house!

  24. 15 hours?? you will spend more on electricity than the tomatoes are worth!!

  25. Hi, thanks for uploading this vid. The tomatoes you dried for 4hrs to preseve in olive oil, did you also have to slice those in half before drying ? Its just they look whole in the preserving jar? . Thanks for your time in answering..Cheers