How to Eat Organic Shelled Hemp Seeds (a Superfood!) | Dietitian Tips

Tips on the nutritional benefits of organic shelled hemp seeds (a superfood), and how to add them to your snacks and meals! From Organic Liaison Health Direc…
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12 Responses to “How to Eat Organic Shelled Hemp Seeds (a Superfood!) | Dietitian Tips”

  1. Thanks for sharing. My family just started taking raw hemp seeds. My
    daughter loves it as it is and I love sprinkling the seeds over bread
    spread, adds a lovely crunch to sandwiches. We buy organic raw seeds and
    nuts and other superfoods from . iherb offers the best prices and
    shipping (at times its free, other times only $4 flat international
    shipping) beats my local health stores’ prices even with shipping! They
    even give $10 discount off purchase over $40 to new customers who use this
    coupon code EJE156. Happy shopping :D 

  2. Can you just eat the seeds by themselves?

  3. bb, u’re so beautiful

  4. You should inbox me I have a few important questions & a possible
    collaboration I want to try out with your nutritional advice email me

  5. Im eating Hemp seeds and taking Hemp protein shacks. i really need to have
    soya milk and bananas with it though. that stuff tastes real bad lol, but i
    do feel better with this diet, i drink a lot of water and fruits. what a
    difference =)

  6. lmfao

  7. sorry lady….you should go raw………pasta

  8. You’re welcome, hemp seeds are a good source of protein, omega3, omega6
    omega9 and you can’t eat too many. People who eat hemp seeds will always be
    healthier than people who don’t.

  9. Yes you can eat hemp seeds right out of the bag.

  10. Thanks, I’ve been eating them straight out the bag. they give me insane gas
    lol…. i was not sure if i was meant to eat them cause people say they are
    not good for you and eating to many can be really bad.

  11. Yes. Think of them like peanust. You can also mix them in many kinds of
    foods like salads, cereals, stews, soups, or whatever. Try a small amount
    on different things like fruits. Experiment and see what you like.

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