How to grow 3 tomato plants in the space of one!

Easy demo on how to make a multi-stemmed tomato plant. This process allows three plants to grow in the space of one! Sturdy enough to withstand winds with no staking or caging. You can easily double production and minimize loss due to stem breakage from heavy yeilds. I’ve nicknamed this my Hydra Tomato. These seedlings are grown from gift seeds from Claudia in Germany. Those Germans really know how to build a solid quality tomato! :) ps: For some reason I’m craving bratwurst now. hmmm
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  1. katerinasdiary Reply May 1, 2012 at 4:14 am

    Νice and easy, thank you!

  2. where is the update??

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  4. I love your videos, i learn a lot from your videos

  5. And if you happen to have a fish tank, use the water.. it’s full of nitrogen.

  6. What would you think about trying three tomato plants in an inverted bucket? I think this would prevent the plants from inter tangling. I want to try to maximize yield in a small area. Thanks :)

  7. If you clip back the plant a bit you can remove it from the soil, rinse the roots and plant thoroughly and repot it in bug-free soil indoors. Clipping some of the growth will ensure it has less shock and stress when uprooted and repotted. I say go for it! :)

  8. I have a two tomato plants that I want to bring indoors due to the winter, but I discovered that the soil is invested with little bugs that I dont want to bring indoors. Would it damage the plant terribly if I washed the roots off and put them in new pots and soil?

  9. Have you ever grown using the single stem method? Just wondering what your thoughts are on this, thinking of doing a square foot garden this year.

  10. will u grow my weed?

  11. Compost, composted manure, compost tea, worm castings and worm tea. Those are my 5 top picks.

  12. Whats good for providing nitrogen ?

  13. I have zero control over what ads Google inserts. Apparently Google isn’t clear on exactly what organic gardening is. :)

  14. BreakfastBentoBox Reply May 1, 2012 at 9:14 am

    I have loved watching your channel and enjoyed your ideas for a very very very long time now, but man, these ads are killing me now…. aaarrrrgggghhhhhhh. It seems the more popularity and as your reputation expands, the more ads trigger. AND IRRELEVENT ADS! Like for instance, termite extermination, ftw??

  15. time for an update yet ? :-)

  16. what type of soil were they planted in? in the case of larges tomatoes you almost have to use a very light potting “mix” or the roots will suffocate as it packs around will stop growing and curls up. a well draining soil is crucial to potted plants

  17. If you leave those leaves “on top” of the soil they will become mulch and decompose on top of the soil and put nitrogen into the soil. Rotting leaves only tie up nitrogen when they are “mixed into” the soil.

  18. Walmart has packets of seeds for 20 cents. I think they are 6 gram packs. They also have the regular dollar packs of seeds that have more seeds in them of course. Cheap way to get lots and lots of seeds to grow.

  19. Great idea, I will have to try this, love your videos!

  20. ok, thanks =)

  21. If it’s older than a couple months, I would cut it back and increase the sunlight if possible. If it’s a young plant, just increase the sunlight as much as possible. Light and fertile soil are the key to boosting stem strength. I’ve heard of the fan idea too. Doesn’t hurt to try it, but that won’t help at all without the other two suggestions. Go for it! :)

  22. Too much sun?? That’s just silly. LOL I would continue with them. Make sure you don’t overwater them or underwater them. Slightly moist soil is perfect. I don’t plan on caging my tomatoes because I have enough space to allow them to wander around. Uncaged plants need 4 feet diameter circle of space per plant. Sounds like a lot but we’re talking about multiple plants sending out endless side branches and producing crazy amounts of oranges…I mean tomatoes. :)

  23. I have no idea why my tomato plants (one in each pot) started curling up and just wilted away. I took it to Pike’s and they told me it was too much sun? But after taking them away from the window they still died. So now I have duplets. 1. Do I still continue the same way with my duplets or will I have to use a cage in these ones? 2. I want to put them in individual raised beds (I have two duplets and three triplets, yay!) but how much space around should I give each plant? Thanks.

  24. It takes many many generations of saving the seeds and replanting until it reverts back to a reliable variety that reproduces true to it’s parent.

  25. Okay so how can you tell that your tomatoes have gone back to heirlooms?