How to Grow a Perfect Organic Vegetable Garden

John from shares with you his thoughts on how to have a perfect vegetable garden and how to improve your gardening skills. …

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  1. John you truely are a force for good. In this highly commercial world you
    freely share your knowlege and experience.
    Your videos are insightful, and highly entertaining. You remind me very
    much of the late Steve Irwin. Your enthusiasm and sincerity are much

    I live in a small apartment in North Dakota and have built a 12-bottle
    bottle tower garden for fresh herbs. I also intend to grow microgreens as a
    supplemental source of nutrition. I credit you for much of my inspiration.

    May God bless you and keep you.

  2. love the hat.

  3. Thanks John, enjoy all of your videos. Your enthusiasm is contagious and
    very inspiring–keep up the good work. 

  4. The Steve Irwin of Gardening!!! thanks john great vid

  5. This video is very inspirational


  6. Hi John! Big fan here, down in South Florida. I am a new mother of an 8
    month old who is eating my garden magazine as I type :) Just wanted to let
    you know how much you’ve inspired me to finally give this a go. I’ve been
    wanting to do this since ’06, but I suffer greatly from analysis paralysis
    and afraid of failure. But now with this beautiful innocent and happy baby
    I have, I have a lot to lose if I didn’t just take the plunge. Thank you so
    much for all that you are doing!

  7. John, I just finished watching this video and I’m going to say something
    personal now that’s not gardening related. You are about my age. In 1995
    when you became ill you were in your mid-20s, me too back then, so we are
    about the same age now. You can still have children John. You just need to
    find a woman young enough who is still in her childbearing years. There is
    always foster children and adoption also. There are many children out there
    who don’t have homes and need a loving parent. You could actually be a
    mentor if you wanted to, like at the Boys and Girls Club or something like
    that, and teach a whole new generation about gardening maybe one day a
    week. What a difference that would make in the lives of these children. You
    don’t have to have your own children right now in order to make a
    difference in a child’s life, you know? When you began “crying” in this
    video toward the end, I wasn’t sure if at first you were playing around,
    because I know you have a nice sense of humor, but it seemed like you were
    serious actually, and you know what, your children will be happy and proud
    of you. They already are. They are present with you in mind and spirit,
    they just haven’t been physically brought into the world yet, but they are
    proud of you, we all are John. It’s going to be okay (big smile). You say
    you need to relax more about your dating situation the way you are relaxed
    in the garden, otherwise you will end up single because you are “waiting
    for the right girl” but be a possibility thinker in that area of your life
    also. Remember you told us in this video that if we wait to plant a garden
    until we know everything about gardening, we will never do it. Well, maybe
    you want to take a chance on a woman as well, and if it doesn’t work out
    then you just learn from it and do better the next time. Life and love and
    relationships are like gardens in that respect. They need to be watered
    with love, tended to and cared for like the soil, and warmed with the
    sunshine of affection, and those are all gardening traits that you are very
    good at doing with your plants, I know those same skills will transfer over
    to a woman and relationship, and when you find her, you will have a
    beautiful garden of love to share with her, with lots of little plants,
    little Johns, flourishing in the family garden as well. I believe in you
    John even though I have never met you except for in these videos, and I
    know everything will work out for you. Take a chance on love and you may
    get your garden of children after all. In the meantime, just love everyone
    who crosses your path in life until that time comes when you have your own
    family, because in truth, we are all “family” sort of on this earth, and we
    all need a little gardening tender love and care in all of our lives. Sorry
    if I got too personal in this email. I meant well. Thanks for sharing John
    and for everything you do for all of us viewers, and thanks for letting me
    share, too. God bless, and hope you have a great day. :-) Christine.

  8. Sustainable Organic Ultimate Living Reply December 17, 2014 at 3:10 am

    All good, you’ll be fighting them away with tomato stakes soon lol ;) 

  9. I’m starting my first vegetable garden in the spring because of you! So a
    big THANK YOU for taking the time to teach us!

  10. Lol…great info.

  11. Wow, I posted before the touching ending. We’re doing the same thing. It’s
    all about learning to garden, so we can teach our son. Thank you for

  12. Let’s find a techie gardener to create an app for inputting that data. We
    could build the database quickly.

  13. Hello John , well your videos also reached me here in Holland, i followed
    them for a while , and now i rented a garden , and building my raised beds
    this winter.
    I feel very certain , and look out for next spring.
    I just want you to know that without your videos , i would not of taken the
    step to rent a garden, thank you

    Max from Assen , Holland 

  14. There’s no crying in Urban Gardening!!

  15. Please tell me where I can find purple tree collards seeds. I live in
    Hawaii, so I can’t buy plants from the Mainland, only seeds. Also, if you
    could connect me with the katook (we always called it saropa) grower, so I
    can grow it again. 

  16. John, I had mentioned in a previous video comment that I moved back home
    where I grew up recently to be closer to my dad since my mom passed, and
    even though I’m only a few blocks away from my dad, in between my parents’
    house and where I now live, there is a property where my old elementary
    school used to stand before they tore it down a few years ago while I was
    away. Last summer when I drove by it, I noticed people planting gardens in
    it. It’s now become like a community garden allotment place where you can
    purchase a portion of that area and grow your garden on it. I think I’m
    going to be a “possibility thinker” like you said and try this. I love
    sprouts and will do those at home as well. I also got a big pot and planted
    some lettuce in it. It’s sitting in front of my sliding door where it can
    get lots of sunshine and it’s starting to sprout. Who knows how everything
    will turn out but I’m willing to give it a try. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  17. John as an avid viewer of your videos and a gardener for the past couple
    years I must say you are truly inspirational and a positive influence on
    this planet. I consider you one of my heroes and your advice and
    information is exceptional. You’re an awesome guy and your future kids will
    be lucky to have a dad like you. :)

  18. aren’t u cold in a T-shirt?

  19. What a beautiful heart you are ♥ I wish all men be like you.

  20. Most kale lives through summer, but lettuce will go to seed in summer and
    so will radish and arugula and mustards, amongst some other things, like
    broccoli, but most kales can take the summer time really well as long as
    they dont go bone dry (mulching the soil helps)

  21. you can find the perfect girl for you… especially someone awesome like

  22. Great video.. Your wisdom can be applied to anything done in life..

  23. VeganMarcella andMore Reply December 17, 2014 at 11:06 am

    I have just bought fantastic ammendments for my new raised bed, rock dust,
    earthworm casting, coconut fiber, because of YOU JOHN!!! Thank you!!!! By
    spring my raised bed should be perfect for my new and better veggies!! LOVE

  24. You are my main inspiration for gardening and replacing my family’s lawn
    with gardens, John. I’ve learned more about growing in a year from your
    videos then I could have otherwise. You’re epic!! I also refer you to
    everyone I know who gardens.

  25. I’ve been gardening for 5 years, and we’re converting to raised beds and
    drip irrigation just because of what I’ve learned from you. My husband is
    actually jealous that I pay so much attention to you!! I bought 65 lb of
    Azomite just because of YOU!